5 Tips To Follow When Moving Your Motorcycle Across The Country

Used motorcycle

If you need to get your bike to a new town when you’re moving, you may not have the luxury of riding it across country. Fortunately, you do have options for moving your bike.

1. Know your options.

Do some research before moving to know how much each option costs and what equipment you might need. Shop for a tarp at a motorcycle aftermarket parts company to cover your bike to protect it from the elements. Here are a few options:

  • Haul your bike in a truck.
  • Use a tow trailer.
  • Hire a company.

2. Take pictures of your bike before you ship it.

No matter what option you use, document the condition of your bike before it gets on board. This will help you if you need to make a claim. If you have preexisting damage, such as to the motorcycle rims, you should document that too.

3. Plan ahead.

Give yourself plenty of time to find the right shipper so that your motorcycle isn’t left in storage for a couple of weeks while you are in transit.

4. Do a maintenance check.

Make sure your motorcycle has all fluids topped off before it’s shipped. Do a maintenance check before you ship it to ensure nothing leaks. You’ll be charged extra if your bike leaks on the trip.

5. Inspect your bike on arrival.

Document how your bike looks when you get it. Again, it will help you make a claim if you need to. Don’t wait a few days, but do it right when you get your bike.

Get Your Bike Safely to Its Destination

If you do plan to haul your bike yourself, get help to move it safely onto the truck and to tie it down. This is a time to be extra sure that your bike is secure. Shop for OEM bike parts to update its look or to make repairs.   

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