5 Tips to Boost Your Music Creativity

Creativity might not seem like something that requires structure or semblance of any kind but like any other thing, it is easy to let go of the flow and find yourself in a rut. Your process might be as simple as sitting with the instruments – your beloved guitar from aclamguitars.com, your drums you spend all your time on, and even the old school pen and paper – that help you feel the juices following and give a kickstart to your creativity – but even that can allude you from time to time.

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While creativity cannot be tied down to the letter with a process, if you have a routine or set of rules you follow, it becomes easier to get work done with its custom pedalboards . Having discipline is always a positive, no matter what you are trying to achieve. You can research everything there is to know about boosting creativity and can even religiously read about how your favorite artists work but unless you are willing to put in the work needed you won’t achieve much.

As a musician, keeping your productivity high is tightly bound to your creative flow. Being your own boss, no matter the industry means having discipline and time-management principles so that you can pump out good work consistently. Here are some tips that can help you boost your musical creativity if you are feeling unmotivated or burnt out.

1. Think From the Audience’s Perspective

When you feel a rut as a creator, switching sides is a great thing to do. Thinking from a consumer’s side will let you think about what you would like to listen to and will give you ideas you might not have otherwise stumbled upon.

When you create anything, knowing how it will be consumed helps you take that creation in a specific direction and you also can get a fresh perspective on your art.

2. Learn to Work With Limits

Limiting choices and setting deadlines helps you work to your full potential without feeling burnt out. When we limit ourselves in any way, it helps to think out of the box. The more tools you have at your disposal, the more confused you will be.

Set a deadline to give yourself a limited amount of time to work on something. This will help hone your decision-making skills and will also sharpen your creative streak. When you are working with sounds and track, try limiting the palette of sounds to what you know works well and also set a number on the tracks you will be working on.

3. Record Everything

Inspiration strikes at the oddest of hours – be ready for it. Always keep a notebook or app handy to jot down lyrics or tune as they come to you. This way you will remember something that hits you the moment it does and you can later work on it to create something amazing instead of trying to remember it.

When you have a record of ideas or even little snippets, it helps choose what you want to work with. It might not be the right time to be working with something but some time down the line it might be your jackpot.

4. Take a Break

Taking constant breaks is a way to let your brain get enough rest to keep working. There’s no point pushing your brain to the limit if there is going to be no result. Work in bursts and sprinkle it with enough small breaks. Do something physical during those breaks like take a little walk or stretch. This helps you feel good about yourself and your work and you can also work for longer hours without getting tired.

5. Listen to Different Genres of Music

Sometimes you need a bigger break. Like I said, inspiration can strike at any time and from any place. If you have always been drawn to one genre of music then it might help you get your creative juices flowing by listening to other genres. You will get a change of pace and it might even give you new ideas that you can draw inspiration from in your genre.

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