5 Tips On How To Avoid An Accident With A Semi-Truck

Semi-trucks and other long-haulers play a crucial role in our modern society. They transport all kinds of products to various cities and towns. Without them, most people would be left without fully stocked grocery stores, clothing choices at big box stores, or gas to fill up at the station. 

While large trucks might make it possible for goods to be distributed around the country, driving near them can be intimidating. It could be catastrophic if you were to get into an accident with a large truck. Since these trucks are so much bigger than the average vehicle on the road, knowing how to drive safely around them keeps you and others safer. 

Because of the higher risks, learning to drive safely around semi-trucks is essential to keep yourself and others safe. 

Here are five tips to help you avoid wrecks with semis and other large vehicles. 

What If I Do Get In An Accident With A Semi-Truck?

An accident with a large truck can be terrifying. If the semi-truck driver or another driver was at fault, you might wonder how to get help and compensation for injuries or property damage. In these cases, working with a truck accident lawyer is the best course of action.

But, for general tips on avoiding accidents with large trucks, this guide is here to assist. 

Tip 1) Practice Defensive Driving Habits

To prevent accidents with semis and any other vehicle around you, you must be a defensive driver. While you likely learned about this during your driver’s education course, it doesn’t hurt to get a refresher. 

A defensive driver isn’t aggressive or timid. Instead, they drive calmly and follow the rules of the road. To be a defensive driver, remember to:

  • Always stay focused.
  • Remain alert.
  • Be aware of other drivers and people using the road.

Tip 2) Pass on the Left Side

If you’re driving near a semi-truck and need to pass them, always do so on the left side. In general, you should always pass all vehicles on the left side, but remember that it’s difficult for drivers of large vehicles to see you. This means you should pass quickly but calmly. 

Tip 3) Don’t Drive In Blind Spots

While all vehicles create blind spots for drivers, bigger trucks have much larger blind spots. It’s never wise to drive in the blind spot of any car. Still, the risks are even higher with a semi-truck or significantly bigger vehicle. Remember to stay out of these areas. Otherwise, the driver won’t see you, which could lead to a wreck.

Tip 4) Give Them Extra Space

Large trucks can’t just stop on a dime. Instead, the drivers need more time to maneuver the vehicle. Even the most attentive truck driver can’t change the vehicle’s mechanics. So, always remember to give large trucks extra time to stop. Give them extra space whenever possible.

Also, keep in mind that the turning radius on a larger vehicle is much broader. They will need more space to make turns and get around.

Tip 5) Remain Calm 

One of the most important tips to remember when driving around semi-trucks has to do with your own reactions and emotions. It’s easy to get stressed or even irritated while driving. You may feel the semi-truck driver isn’t driving safely, or you may be in a rush to get somewhere. 

Still, the best thing to do is remain calm and attentive. Driving aggressively or getting mad increases the likelihood of a wreck. It’s just not worth it. 

With these tips in mind, you can do your part to keep yourself, your passengers, and others on the road safe. 

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