5 Recruiting Solutions to Improve Your Hiring Process

Recruiting is by no means an easy process, and it always requires loads of time, money, and other resources. And the worst thing is that due to the nature of recruitment, there’s never a guarantee that you will eventually find the right candidates for your open spots. It’s especially true when we’re talking about high positions that require a lot of skills and experience. 

That’s why so many companies turn to professional recruiting services. In the IT sphere, you would rarely see businesses search for candidates directly. Most of them hire a professional IT recruitment agency for this matter. 

There are plenty of IT recruitment companies, and most of them have enough experience to guarantee you that the right candidates will be found. It can not only save you precious time but also provide you with a perfect talent that will bring you profits in the long run.

However, sometimes businesses opt for starting IT recruiting on their own. The reasons for that may be different: from the lack of resources to turn to third-party service to the presence of an in-house department that could be trusted with this matter. So, for those who are planning to do it themselves, here’s a list of the best tips and software solutions to make the process easier.

Tools and Solutions


The number of applications in large companies can reach thousands and even dozens of thousands. In the past, it took HR managers and their assistants weeks or even months to go through all of the resumes. But today, it takes an applicant tracking system only a few minutes to do all of that and even more.

The ATS can not only automatically analyze all applications; they can sort them by relevance and decide which ones don’t fit the requirements. It’s a rare occasion nowadays if a company doesn’t use applicant tracking systems for their IT staff recruitment, as the benefits they bring are undoubted.

Here are some of the best applicant tracking systems:

  • Zoho Recruit;
  • Jazz HR;
  • Pinpoint;
  • Greenhouse;
  • Lever;
  • Workable;
  • VidCruiter.


Although Breezy is partially an ATS, all the other features allow it to be presented in a separate paragraph. Why? Because it’s not just a program that can automatically scan resumes but a complex system that allows you to manage employees and helps with both hiring and IT recruitment.

The best thing about it is that due to the specifics of the software, it can be used for companies of all sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small local business or an international conglomerate. 

With Breezy, you can distribute tasks among managers and workers, receive detailed reports on their performance, and automatically search through all the applications for open positions.


LinkedIn is a very well-known platform nowadays. Basically, it’s social media for entrepreneurs and IT recruiting companies to enlarge their network and find new opportunities. 

The profiles on this platform look like resumes, allowing users to see all the work experience and previously occupied positions of each other. That means that both employers and job-seekers can search through this career-related social media to find potential vacancies or candidates.

What’s even better, you can leverage the LinkedIn Recruiter, which is a platform specifically designed to be used for finding workers. With almost 2 million users, it’s a perfect place for the best IT recruitment opportunities. Also, it has some useful automated tools that will make the whole process much easier for you.


Speaking about social media, it always takes a lot of time to go through countless profiles on different platforms and resources. And that’s what SignalHire can help you with. This tool was created as a kind of ATS but for platforms like LinkedIn, Github, and many others. 

SignalHire provides you with all the information about a candidate it can find. That includes but is not limited to emails, phone numbers, links to other accounts, and such. The best thing about this automated search is probably that it only gives you verified information, which is automatically checked by the complex AI-like software.

In addition, SignalHire partnered with other well-known companies, such as JazzHR, Zoho, Pipedrive, and many others, to make combinations between their products possible. Now you can combine all the benefits of an ATS with a CRM and an automatic social media aggregator. If you’re still not sure whether you can trust SignalHire, here are some of its famous clients:

  • Tesla;
  • Microsoft;
  • Facebook;
  • MongoDB;
  • Juventus;
  • AskFM.


BambooHR, as a software company, knows best what other IT recruitment firms need. So, they created their product with the focus on making searching, hiring, and managing candidates as easy as possible. And the benefits this program brings start with a very user-friendly interface. Trust us; even the least tech-savvy user would learn everything about it in five minutes.

Creating job postings and checking offers, resumes, and other information about applicants is easy as ever. Also, as you would expect from software that is aimed at easy management, it allows allocating tasks to certain employees and tracking their efficiency. BambooHR is kind of a perfect helper for almost any of your needs.

Tips and Tricks

Prioritize Experience Over Education

Today, higher education isn’t as valuable as 20 years ago, for example. Don’t get it wrong, though; entering a university and learning a subject still provides you with tons of knowledge and skills. It’s just that many IT recruitment services happen to be in a situation where they have a choice between an educated candidate and the one that has no degree but has tons of real work experience.

In such cases, valuing experience over education is always the right choice. While knowledge on its own is very important, understanding where and how to apply it plays a much bigger role during day-to-day operations and problematic situations.

Use Referrals

Useful acquaintances and recommendations from the people you trust are great opportunities to find real talents. Also, it’s a very good shortcut to save you tons of time and other resources. So, just ask your employees and search through your personal network, and there’s a high chance that they will get you in contact with a suitable candidate.

Be Honest

Being honest can mean a lot of things, especially in the professional field. During hiring, it means making the requirements clear and the terms transparent. Ask any professional IT recruitment consultancies, and they will tell you that being honest with your candidates can have a huge positive impact.

People always like it when they are given truthful information and when they can understand what an IT recruiter wants from them. In addition to that, being honest gives your company a good reputation, which increases the chance to find the needed talent even more.

Final Words

Finding the right person for an open spot takes a lot of time, investment, and luck. There’s still a chance not to get the desired result, even if you do everything right. Yet, you can dramatically increase the possibility of finding a perfect candidate by using the tools and tips we mentioned. So, never give up, and remain dedicated. Good luck!

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