5 Reasons Why the Laptop Backpack is a Must-Have in 2018

If you’re traveling for business or leisure, the must-have accessory for 2018 is the new Laptop Backpack. The three-in-one design combines a laptop bag, shoulder bag and a backpack to make traveling comfortable and convenient. Add the extra features of the Laptop Backpack including its anti-theft design, USB charging ports and selection of pockets for different functions, it’s easy to understand why the bag is becoming a must-have. Here are five reasons why you should buy this backpack today.

laptop backpack

1. It’s Waterproof

Just imagine traveling to the office with your electronics inside your bag and it starts to rain. If the rain gets inside,there’s a good chance your electronics will get damaged. Luckily with the laptop backpack, the material is water resistant even in the heaviest of downpours.

2. Spacious

The laptop backpack has enough space to fit everything you could ever need inside. From electronics to documents and a spare set of clothes to your camera, you’ll be able to use this bag for almost anything. And that’s not all. Special lockable zips that hug your body make the bag very secure. You’ll never have to worry about not fitting everything inside or about security again.

3. Versatile

It’s easy to find a suitable bag to bring to the office. But it’s trickier to get one that you can take to work and then use for leisure. The versatility of this laptop bag is second to none. The stylish shoulder strap allows you to have a casual look when you’re outside of business hours. The two straps function in the same way as a backpack too. So, not only can you use it to carry the laptop to work but you can also wear it to give you a sleek look when you’re traveling to your meeting.


4. It has a USB Port

What could be more frustrating than your phone battery going the moment you need it the most? Or what about finding out the tablet with all the important flight details has almost run out of juice? You’ll never have to worry about this happening when you invest in the travel backpack. A convenient USB port can be used to charge up the electronics when you’re on the go. If the phone is running out of battery, you can plug it in to charge as you’re walking to the office. Or the 20 minutes that you’re sitting in the taxi could be spent powering up the electronics. Few bags give you this level of flexibility and convenience. This is why so many business and leisure travelers are falling in love with this bag.

USB port

5. Lots of Compartments

Regardless of what documents or files you need to carry, you’ll find a pocket to suit your needs. Some keep all your A4’s flat while others make a perfect spot to store the keys or phone.

The Perfect Backpack

Business and leisure travel will be revolutionised with the new laptop backpack. Not only does it provide a perfect location to store your laptop and important documents, but it’s also versatile and can be used in almost every situation.

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