5 Enterprise Technology Trends Shaping The Modern Company

Modern companies rely on enterprise technology to survive in the competitive market. As a business owner, you need to implement the latest technologies into your own organization if you want to excel. Leading tech tools increase productivity throughout business departments. They also reduce operational costs for small businesses as they grow into large enterprises. With an efficient, high-operating organization, you can exceed customer expectations and out-do your competitors. Take your business to the next level with the following enterprise technology trends shaping the modern company

Business management


Containers have taken the business world by storm over recent years. Containerization improves development processes within enterprises. Developers that use containerization systems typically complete projects faster and deploy software more efficiently. With the right integrations and tools, you can even improve your data security using containers. For instance, a developer can use a tool known as Helm Kubernetes to share Helm charts safely with their colleagues. Consider using similar containerization integrations to optimize your operations and development processes in a safe, effective way. Many other modern companies are using it to take their enterprises to a whole new level. 

Digital Twins

Another popular technology that is trending in the business world is the digital twin. In simple terms, a digital twin represents a physical object or system. Companies use digital twin technology to represent single bots, entire manufacturing lines and even virtual cities. The technology works by acquiring real-world data from the physical objects and systems it represents. After obtaining the real-world information, a digital twin uses the data to create simulations. These simulations show how the physical, real-world objects and systems will be impacted by the items found in the data. Enterprises can use this technology to make better business decisions based on simulated results or outcomes. Follow this enterprise technology trend if you want to improve your modern company with new products, campaigns or services. 

Artificial Intelligence

Moreover, one of the most prominent technologies currently shaping the modern business is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, also commonly referred to as “AI”, is particularly transforming HR departments. The technology allows human resources managers to pre-screen candidates more effectively. AI pre-screening tools assess the cognitive and emotional characteristics of each applicant. At the same time, the tools avoid discriminating based on gender, race and socioeconomic status. Artificial intelligence pre-screening tools can complete the same tasks as HR professionals in faster, less biased ways while saving valuable working hours. Keep this top enterprise technology in mind as you upgrade your company. 

5G Internet

After years of waiting, the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity has come to life. 5G technology can enable businesses to improve their global communications significantly. You can accelerate your download and upload speeds using 5G. More so, the technology is expected to improve safety and reliability throughout entire organizations. You can also unify your network protocols using 5G technology. All in all, the enterprise technology that companies have been talking about for years is still trending because of the global communication benefits it offers. Continue to follow 5G’s progression so that you can improve your enterprise speed, reliability and networks.  


Finally, blockchain technology is also trending in the top enterprises. Many organizations find it to be particularly useful in supply chain management. You can improve your supply chain processes by using blockchain applications with your current cloud systems. This type of technology originated as a cryptocurrency tool, but is now used across enterprises in several logistics processes. In simple terms, the technology transfers information from point A to point B in an automated fashion. This enables you to enhance your supplier tracking solutions and boost your supply chain security. Keep your eye on this enterprise technology trend if you want to use it for supply chain operations in your company.   If you want to thrive in the modern business market, you need to keep your technology up-to-date. Consider investing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve your human resources processes. Digital twins technology can offer you the information you need to make the right business decisions as well. Additionally, containerization technology continues to take enterprise development teams to the next level. If you want to improve your communications, keep your eye on 5G technologies as well. Furthermore, blockchain technology has shockingly entered the business world due to its benefits on supply chain management. Track these enterprise technology trends that are shaping the modern company. Then, you can not only compete in the market, but dominate it. 

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