5 Best Calendar Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Do you always do what you plan to do? Do you have a routine that you can stick to every week?

If the answer is no, it is time to get your life organized and sorted out. Most people make promises and fail to deliver due to work pressure, family obligations or some other reasons. Work and family are very important. So, it is better to learn how to manage both. This post is intended to help you get more organized with the help of calendar apps.

Here are the 5 best calendar apps to help you stay organized

1) Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most organized calendar apps I have ever seen. The user interface is clean and tidy like any other Google product. The most unique feature–that separates Google Calendar from the rest in the market– is the app’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other apps on the phone, tab or PC.

Additionally, when you log in to the Google Calendar with your Google credentials, you will find a section where all important events like birthdays, local festivals, events, meetings will be listed. Google pulls data from the people you contact the most and helps you stay in touch with them, effortlessly.

2) Fantastical 2


Are you looking for a calendar app designed exclusively for macOS?

After the success of its first version, Fantastical has come up with another power-packed calendar app. The previous version was limited to the menu bar only, but the second version is a full-fledged app for your Apple devices. Download the app on one or more Apple devices and always stay on schedule. The apps will quickly synchronize each time you make a change.

3) TimeTree

TimeTree is a social calendar that allows you to create several accounts with a single app. For instance, you can create one account for your family, one for your workmates and one for your friends. Everyone updates their schedule on the same calendar so others are always updated. Down this app, if you like this unique feature that no other calendar app offers.

4) Woven

Woven is a complete calendar app for those who live a busy and stressful life. This app is designed keeping an ultra-modern and upbeat man or woman in mind. It has never-heard-before features like smart templates, scheduling links and group polls.

Smart templates allow you to keep the entire week’s schedule in front of you. You can add time and other details to each template you create. Secondly, you can now share a link with your college or team members so everyone stays on the same page. And lastly, with group polls, you will never miss out on a personal meeting with a friend, partner or relative.

5) Meetingbird

Want a calendar app specifically for work? Meetingbird is designed for professionals who wish to create events with ease. The best part of this app is that you can connect it with other work-related apps like Slack, Salesforce, Gmail, Zoom and many more.


Being organized is not a mindset, it’s a habit that you have to cultivate with each passing day. No matter how many time management books you read until you take the right actions, you will always remain disorganized. Using a calendar app on your phone can be a great first step.

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