5 Android Apps to Help You Have a Financially Prosperous 2017

2017 is the year to be frugal. There’s a lot of economic uncertainty going around thanks to unexpected political events, like Brexit, and the lingering effects of the 2008 recession. The coming years are not ones where you should spend mindlessly. Plus, there’re a number of cool tech gadgets lined up for release, you’d want to save money to spend in time.

Even if you really want to save money, it can be quite hard. No one can save money in their heads. You will have to make a household budget and note down your income and expenses to properly manage your finances. You can spend hours formatting an Excel spreadsheet to do this, or you can use one of the following apps to automate most of the work:

1. CoinKeeper

This app will help you track spending right from your smartphone. It’s one of the most popular financial management apps available in the Play store. You can create household budgets and manage bill payments using this app. It definitely makes budgeting less tedious. Unlike most other financial apps, this one has a friendly UI that does not intimidate with weird graphs and equations. The app was recently improved with new features. You can use it for free, but you will get one or two additional features with the premium version.

2. 52 Weeks Challenge

This is essentially the app version of the game challenge that gets people to save money. If you are super impulsive and cannot really bring yourself to plan and save money, this app will suit you quite well. Impulsive spenders should immediately download this app to bring some sense to personal finances. The app gently introduces users to the idea of saving starting with a measly $2. Then, gradually the amount you have to save will be increased. It’s a good way to start saving and curb compulsive buying habits.

3. Mint

Mint is the best known budget app software, a sort of all-in-one software to manage monthly books and money. It’s very convenient. You can manage your bills, bank accounts and several sources of income without having to log on to multiple sites. You can then use the tools provided to create a budget. Mint is compatible with multiple devices, and you can access the site from your computer as well. Mint is created by Intuit, the tax software giant behind TurboTax, so you know your sensitive information is kept very safe.

4. Home Budget with Sync

This is a really simple app that offers loads of features to manage bills, accounts and even financial reports. You can track income, expenditure and calculate due bills with relative ease. The app generates charts and graphs to show how much you are earning or losing. The features are integrated: meaning, for example, when you pay a bill, your account balance is automatically adjusted. It’s intended for homes with several incomes and numerous expenses so this app is truly excellent for larger families to use.

5. Digit Save Money Automatically

This app will help you automate your saving habits. The app requires you to connect your checking account, and the app will automatically transfer a designated amount to a savings account in the app. The amounts are usually small like $10, so you won’t have to worry about overdrafts. The app assures a no-overdraft guarantee. Also, all users get a quarter million dollar insurance with the app just in case.

Using any of the above apps will help your avoid nose-deep debt. Failure to save is a surefire way to end up steeped in debt. Even when you have savings, sometimes financial calamities happen. In such a case, don’t hesitate to call BLG bankruptcy to help you recover from financial loss.

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