4 Surefire Ways To Accurately Track Employee Hours

Time tracking is one of the most painstaking tasks for employees and employers alike. 

Why? Well, if you’re using manual, outdated methods to track time then you’re only open to lost time, lost money, and errors.

In fact, research shows that untracked work hours cost the U.S. economy 7.4 billion dollars a day! Accurate time tracking is no longer a nice to have but is a must for business success.

Here are four surefire ways that you can track employee hours more accurately going forward. 

How To Accurately Track Employee Hours In 4 Steps

1. Go Digital Or Go Home

Remember what we said in the introduction? If you’re stuck using outdated time tracking methods, you’re already behind. Not to mention, you are bleeding money due to errors, compliance gaps, fines, and payroll mistakes. Plus, you’ve got some disgruntled employees when payday comes around.

Time and time again, manual methods have let you down. This is exactly why you need an employee time tracking app

What are the benefits of implementing an employee time tracking app? 

  • Employees clock and in from their own mobile phone which tags their GPS location so you can avoid buddy punching 
  • All times are accurate, down to the second so you can avoid time theft 
  • A real-time payroll count is accessible from the dashboard or reports 
  • Clear insights to best understand how an employee’s time is spent so you can optimize their work hours
  • Review time spent per employee, job, customer, and more to better manage your business and projects 
  • Employees can request time off and sick days right on the app which can approve or reject immediately and they receive an automated notification of your decision – cutting out the back and forth hassle
  • Easy to use, user-friendly and accessible on the go, from anywhere and at any time 

At the end of the day, employee time tracking apps are designed to make your life, and your employee’s life, so much easier. Stop worrying about payroll discrepancies, time lost, money wasted, and angry employees. Make the digital switch NOW.

2. Set Attainable Goals

You could have the fanciest employee time tracking app, but it won’t work unless you set an efficient time management strategy. So, how do you do that? Create clear, attainable goals.

Don’t just look at the long-term goals, but create short-term goals as well. BUT, ensure that they’re attainable and are not overly ambitious. 

FYI, “grow your business” does not count as a clear, attainable goal. Instead, refer to the SMART (“Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) method in order to efficiently create step-by-step processes and tasks. 

An example of a SMART goal in relation to time tracking can be “Reduce payroll errors by 12% from 46% within four months.” 

All of this should be infused into your time management strategy on an ongoing basis.

3. Be Clear On Why Accurate Time Tracking Is Crucial 

Don’t forget that time tracking isn’t just something that you fret over, your employees do as well. So, treat this as a two-way conversation to ensure a collaborative environment and productivity.

Your employees know they have to track their time, and if you’re switching methods or use a method they aren’t used to, just talk to them about it. 

Let them know how it benefits them and the company so they’re involved in the long-term vision. 

Let them know that with a digital tool:

  • They get an accurate payslip
  • They can be more productive by knowing how their hours are broken down 
  • They can easily ask for time off and get notified instantly without the back and forth
  • They will work smarter and be more productive

Your employees don’t want to waste their own time any more than you don’t want them to. So, be transparent and they’re on board from the off.

4. Get Your Team’s Feedback

Be sure to check in with your team on a regular basis, and just during an annual review or when onboarding. 

After all, they work with your customers on a regular basis so they know how their time is best spent and can help share invaluable information for the company’s benefit. 

Ask them how they’re getting on with the digital tool, what time management concerns they may have, and what ideas they have on how to improve processes. 

By bringing them in and listening, you show your employees that you value their opinion which only leads to better morale and engagement.

The Bottom Line On Accurate Time tracking

We don’t need to repeat why accurate time tracking is important. At this stage, you already know! 

But, what we will repeat – above we shared four ways that you can start to accurately track hours. One of the most important tips, go digital! Stop relying on outdated methods to track time as you’re only opening yourself up to errors and fines – two things you really want to avoid. After all, you’re in the business of making money, not wasting it unnecessarily. Especially when it could have been avoided.

So, follow what we shared above for a happier wallet and happier crew. Happy time tracking!

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