4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Work Boots

Work boots are an invaluable asset to a laborer. Regardless of whether you work on a construction site or a farm. You will always find these shoes very resourceful. Outdoor freaks such as hikers may also benefit from a pair of work shoes. 

James Blame, an experts from MyBestWorkBoots says that the boots offer feet much-needed protection from physical damage and harsh environments. Such damage usually emanates from falling debris, heavy objects, excessive moisture, and even corrosive substances. 

How do you pick the right pair of work boots? What drives your purchase decision? Is it the design of the shoes or their durability? These questions need answers before you hike off to the stores. Read on for a more insightful outlook on what to ask before buying steel toe work boots:

1. Are All Work Boots the Same?

No, work shoes differ in both design and material. For instance, work shoes with steel toes give added protection to your toes. Steel toes also cushion your metatarsal (toes) from falling debris as well as cuts and corrosive substances. And soft toe boots are suitable for going hiking. Pulpy toes, also known as composite toes, are relatively lightweight. And reasonably inexpensive compared to steel toes.

And if looking for weatherproof boots, you might consider shoes that have insulating material. Such shoes will protect your feet from extreme temperature and moisture. Lastly, there are also boots intended for electricians, or those working in places with naked electric wires. The shoes have rubber soles which don’t conduct electricity, reducing the probability of electrocution.

2. What Height Is Ideal for Me?

Another essential question to settle before choosing a pair of work boots is the height. A factor that hinges on the kind of work you do. Work boots generally measure between 6 and 8 inches. But you can still find those that are on the shorter or longer side of that range. 

If you are a hiker, choose work boots with a shorter length. You may find higher work shoes ideal if you work in waterlogged areas. Therefore, to determine an ideal height, you must examine your terrain as well as the reason for the boots. Then, you can choose an appropriate height. You must ensure the boots offer ample flexibility at the ankles.

3. What Material Is the Sole Made Of?

Even before you ask this question, you must understand the different parts of a work boot sole.  First, there’s the outsole that offers traction by ensuring the shoe firmly grips onto the ground. Next is the midsole that makes the shoe comfortable to walk in. Midsoles also provide an extra layer of strength and stability to the shoes. Lastly, we have the insole which offers comfort to your feet. 

The best material for the outsole and the midsole is rubber. Experts recommend rubber as it’s more flexible and offers a perfect grip. When it comes to the insole, experts recommend cellulose paperboard. That’s because it’s excellent at absorbing shock and moisture.

4. What Lacing Systems Are Available?

Last but not least, you should understand all the lacing systems available. Most work boots feature the traditional eyelet lacing system. For fast lacing, you might consider the metal hooks and the D-ring closures. Nearly all these lacing systems are effective. However, you should choose one that fits with needs.  

The material of the boot should be strong enough to offer adequate comfort throughout the day. It should also match your work environment, such that if you work in slippery surfaces, your shoes have defined tread patterns. What if you like a boot but not the lacing system? No need to fret, most brands allow for switching from one closure to another.

As long as you have a checklist, your experience will be great. Just be sure you have the right-fitting boots that are suited for your work environment. Remember, these boots are usually costly. Take your time choosing the right work boot.

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