4 Awesome Tips on How to Build Your Ecommerce Website

We are living in a digital era where online businesses are growing at a faster rate. 

As a business owner, it is essential to shift your business model to online. The first step to start your online website is to have a website. 

Your website is your online shop where your clients will reach out to you and do business with you. 

This article is a guide on how you can create a great website, attract your potential clients, make sales and increase your business ROI

Pick a domain name

You must have a custom domain name. Your website should be self- hosted. A self-hosted website gives you access to use your website the way you wish. 

Custom and self-hosted domains show you commit to growing your business. That is essential to build the trust with your prospects.

Clients trust a self-hosted website. If you can’t spare some money and time to invest in your website, the probability of growing your online business is minimal.

Have a website with a domain name, as www.myproduct.godaddy.com will affect your business growth. Use a custom domain like www.myproduct.com then host it on site like GoDaddy.

Many different sites will help you host your professional business website.

One of such great sites is Hostadvice, where you can see godaddy user reviews.

It is advisable to use a domain name that is easy to understand and one that relates to your product or service you are offering.

Create your digital product

It is essential to provide value upfront to your prospective clients. Give them a reason why they need to buy your services or products.

Your products or services must help your potential clients to solve their pain points. Create an offer an irresistible and pull clients to buy the product or service.

Before you create a product or service, it is essential to carry out a buyer persona. 

The marketing persona will help you know more about your potential customers and put you in a position to create better and improved products your clients love.

Build your ecommerce website

Now that you have identified your product and make a decision on your product or service. It’s now time to actually build your website. 

It is essential to look for a professional web designer to help you create your website.

If clients find it hard to navigate through your website and interact with your services, you will lose them to your competitors. 

It is essential to choose a theme that resonates with your ecommerce business vision.

Here are must-have pages on your website:

Home Page

This is your website-landing page. It welcomes your visitors to your website and makes it easy for your potential clients to know, at an instant, what you offer.

About me

The page tells your clients more about who you are. You get to connect with your prospects to make them feel at ease about your products or services.

You give your experience in relation to the services or products you offer.

Services page

The page tells your potential clients more about your product or services. You describe more of your products to your prospects so that they are sure what they are buying.

You explain in details how your product or service is beneficial to your customer. 

Blog page

You need to draw quality traffic to your website, which is a major reason for maintaining a blog page. Blogging increases your page rankings on search engines and helps you advertise your business brand to a large number of potential clients, especially when considering a composable commerce solution.

It is essential to post content that is engaging, educative and easy to read. Your content should aim at teaching your clients and potential clients more about your services.

The content should also teach your clients how to use your product or service to solve their challenges.

Contact me

In case clients are interested in your products or services and they want to contact you, this is the page where you put your contact details. 

Provide different ways for clients to contact you since different clients have different channels of communication.

Check out page

This is the page where your clients and potential clients will go and buy your services. It is essential to include different payment services as clients payment methods differ.

If you use a single form of payment, you end up chasing your clients to your competitors as some customers like to purchase with payment methods that they trust. 

It is also essential to include security seals. Clients want to be sure that their private information is secure. They are more likely to trust you with their information when they see security seals within your website.

It is essential to get an SSL certificate to secure your clients’ details and your website from hackers. You can check out for GoDaddy website at godaddy user reviews in relation to their web security hosting services.

Web security

Research on shipping costs

You are there to build a business, which translates to making profits for your business to grow.

It is essential to do research on shipping costs and other related costs before you start operating your ecommerce business.

As for software, it is essential to know the operation and management costs of your software service.

This research is important to ensure that you are making profits and you are growing your business ROI and sales.

With the research on the costs of running your business, you will be able to price your services to cater to the business management costs.

Some business operation costs that you should consider to determine your pricing include:

  1. Shipping costs
  2. Taxes
  3. website hosting charges
  4. the cost of making the product
  5. Marketing costs


An ecommerce website is a great way to reach out to many prospects clients, increase your sales and business growth.

It is essential to invest time, money and your efforts to create the best quality products and services. 

The fact you have a business does not mean you will sell. It is essential to market your ecommerce business to reach a large number of leads and convert them to clients.

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