3D Technology Is Evolving at a Rapid Pace

Imagine going to the dentist office in the near future. Of course, you will be feeling all of that apprehension and worry that all of us do when we arrive there and sit in the waiting room. What are they going to find wrong next? Next thing you know, you are in the chair and being told that you need a new cap on your tooth. You panic because you realize this is something that usually takes weeks to get done. They have to take a mold and send it out to be made and this can take quite a while. However, now, the dentist can create a new tooth right there on the spot with a 3D printer and have it in your mouth within a half an hour. This is just one aspect of 3D technology that should have us excited for the future.

In the Past

As kids, we always thought that 3D was kind of cool as it allowed you to watch movies that seemed to be jumping off the screen. Perhaps you had a 3D poster as well that would have images climbing out of it every time you put on those special glasses. 3D back then was interesting, but it was more of a kid thing. My how times have changed!

We Have Stepped into the Future

Over the last decade, 3D has made its presence felt in almost all industries around the globe. It is probably invading your home or company right this moment. Do you play 3D video games while sitting in your house? Perhaps you have a company that uses 3D design to make ordinary products leap into life? In fact, if you live in Canada, it could be really simple to visualize your project thanks to a 3D-printing service in Montreal. They can take ordinary and make it outstanding.

What Is to Come?

Out of all industries, the educational world may be one of the industries most affected with emerging 3D technology. No longer do students have to just read about regions from around the globe that are very different than their own. With 3D video, they can put themselves right in the scene itself. The medical field can use 3D technology to simulate surgeries and procedures without having to find a real person to practice on first. The possibilities are endless with what 3D will bring to our world!

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