3 Reasons Phoenix is a Haven for Art Lovers

Phoenix is a Haven for Art Lovers

There are many art destinations around the world, many of which are located in the United States. For example, there are wonderful art galleries in Carmel, California and plenty of amazing street art vendors along Venice Beach and in Santa Monica.

Although beachside cities are well known for hosting a variety of artistic works, you might be surprised to learn that Phoenix, Arizona is also a haven for art lovers. In fact, many people who love art choose to buy a home in Phoenix because it puts them closer to the art galleries they enjoy.

As a bonus, living in Phoenix means escaping the harsh winters that hit most of the beachside towns in California.

If you want to be surrounded by art, but you don’t want to live in the cold, here are three reasons Phoenix will feel like home.

1. You won’t be browsing art galleries in the snow

Although Phoenix has seen traces of snow and five instances of measurable snow, including a half inch in 1939, snow in Phoenix is extremely rare. That’s great news if you want to browse art galleries in the winter.

While it can get cold in Phoenix during the winter months, you don’t have to spend time getting dressed in big boots and waterproof clothing just to enjoy some artwork.

2. You’ll love the First Friday Art Walk

The First Friday Art Walk is a wonderful testament to the eclectic artistic culture in Phoenix. This particular art walk is held throughout downtown Phoenix with two main attractions: Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue.

During the art walk, downtown Phoenix is filled with booths that sell handmade goods, small pop-up markets, art galleries, boutiques, and amazing food. There’s plenty of music, history, and performing arts.

The best part is that you don’t need to drive to experience the walk. You can park downtown and then hop on a free Art Trolley Tour to see the entire festival without walking or driving.

3. You can find works by emerging and established artists nearby

Some artistic venues only display and sell art created by established artists. Arizona is different. When you live in Arizona, you’ll have access to a plethora of art galleries across various cities featuring work by new and established artists as well as international artists.

You’ll also experience art crafted in different mediums and in all different styles. There’s truly something for everyone. However, there are ten art galleries that stand out above the rest:

·      Art Intersection. This art gallery was founded in 2011 in an old dance studio in Gilbert and exhibits mostly photography. The studio also offers photography classes and has a lab.

·      Art One Gallery. Created in 1993, this Scottsdale gallery displays works created by high-school and university-level students from Arizona.

·      Bentley Gallery. As one of the oldest art galleries in Scottsdale, this gallery was founded in 1984, and has since moved to a new location. In this gallery, you can find contemporary art, Asian antiques, and modern art.

·      Fine Art Complex. This art gallery in Tempe displays diverse mediums like video art, sculptures, paintings, prints, and other unique mediums like fiber art. The art displayed here is generally politically-charged, dealing with issues of racism and climate change.

·      Lisa Sette Gallery. Located in Scottsdale, this art gallery displays eclectic works in a variety of mediums.

·      Modified Arts. This art gallery is located in the Roosevelt Row arts district and features contemporary works by local and international artists.

·      The Sagrado Galleria. Since 2016, this Phoenix art gallery has been exhibiting works in a variety of mediums created by Latino and indigenous artists.

·      Step Gallery. Another wonderful Phoenix art studio, this gallery features art created by ASU students.

·      The Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts. This is one of the largest art spaces you’ll find, with 3,500 square feet. It hosts exhibits, educational information, demonstrations, and information on local events.

·      Vision Gallery. This Chandler art gallery exhibits more than 300 works of art from local artists. A portion of all sales are contributed to fund arts education workshops for kids.

When you live in Phoenix, all of these art destinations are just a road trip away. Instead of having to travel cross-country, you’ll only need to travel cross-county.

If you love art, you’ll love Arizona

If you haven’t searched for Phoenix homes for sale, now is a great time to find your new home in an art lover’s paradise.

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