12 Of the Cutest Things on the Internet

The world today can be a very overwhelming place but if you know where to look there are still plenty of cute things that will make you “squee.”

Check out 12 of the all time cutest things that you will ever see on the internet.

#1. Baby Chewbacca

Baby Chewbacca by Salvador Ramirez Madriz

#2. This rat with his teddy bear

Rat With a Teddy Bear
Photographer Unknown

#3. This Tiny Bunny

Tiny Bunny
Photographer Unknown

#4. This baby koala…or any baby koala really…

Baby Koala
Photographer Unknown

#5. Otters holding hands

Otters Holding Hands
Photographed by Susan in Sumner, Washington

#6. This squirrel having a cook out!


Squirrel Cook Out
By Nancy Rose flickr.com/people/nancyandwayne/

#7. The Cutest Puppy Ever!


Cutest Puppy Ever
Photographer Unknown

#8. This newborn baby


Newborn Baby
Copyright Stephanie Robin / Kelley Ryden

#9. This baby aardvark


Baby Aardvark
Photos by Adam Lewis/Busch GardensĀ® Tampa

#10. This Baby Elephant


Baby Elephant
Photographer Unknown

#11. Sleeping Otters


Sleeping Otters
Photographer Unknown

#12. This baby polar bear

Baby Polar Bear
Photographer Unknown



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