10 Things That Were Cool In Middle School But Aren’t Now

If you are part of the current tech generation then there are likely a good number of things that you can remember about middle school and be hideously embarrassed about. Come to think of it, just about everyone has some middle school indulgence that is more embarrassing than we’d like to admit.

Let’s take a look at just a handful of those for kids that grew up in the 90’s.


1. Scrunchies


2. Novelty flavored Chapstick.

Choreographed Dancing

3. Choreographed dancing with your friends.

Heart Sunglasses

4. Novelty sunglasses.

Meridian Middle School

5. Middle school team athletic wear.


6. Chatting with friends over AIM.

Notes in Class

7. Writing notes to friends in class.

Clarissa Explains It All

8. High or side ponytails.

Hello Kitty

9. Hello Kitty stationery.

Dawsons Creek

10. Dawson’s Creek.

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