10 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Owning an iPhone means you’ve got your choice of powerful apps and capability in your pocket. Many iPhone users feel confident in operating their phone or feel like they know everything about how to customize this personal mobile device. Even if you’ve owned every version of Apple’s signature communications product, there may be a few surprises still waiting for you inside. Here are 10 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do.

1. Change Siri’s Pronunciation of Words

In 2011, Apple’s personal virtual assistant Siri was released with the new update to the iPhone. This revolutionary feature allowed users to speak into their phone and ask questions or seek information. Today, Siri has gone through several updates, but there are still things you may not know about her. For instance, did you know you could help her pronounce words correctly? All you do is activate Siri and tell her that’s not how you pronounce the word. Say the word properly when prompted to update her database.

2. Charge Your Battery Fast

Using the powerful iPhone can sometimes get frustrating if your battery starts running low. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick way to get a fast battery charge. Activate your phone’s airplane mode from the settings screen. Once in airplane mode, your phone will charge with lightning speed.

3. Act as a Level

The iPhone also has the ability to act as a level for times when you’re doing some home renovation projects. Use the compass app to access this feature. Swipe left to get to the level function, and turn your phone sideways to see if your surface is level.

4. Read All Texts and Emails

Your iPhone can also read information aloud to you in a pinch. When you are unable to read something with your eyes, have it read to you with this unique capability. Go to your settings menu, and look for the accessibility section. Turn on speech selection to activate this feature. Then, when you want to hear your texts or emails, you can simply select this function by tapping your screen.

5. Emit a Custom Vibration

Did you know you can customize the vibration pattern your phone uses for silent phone calls and texts as well? This feature is in the sounds section of your settings area. Select the vibration alert, and choose a personalized pattern for each contact in your list on your phone.

6. Respond to a Call Attempt With a Text

Sometimes, you may be in the middle of an important meeting or other activity when you get a phone call. Instead of sending the call straight to voice mail, you can send back a text message indicating that you’re busy at the moment and you’ll call later. Ahead of time, you’ll need to go into the phone area of your settings and select respond with text.

7. Take a Still Photo While Recording Video

When you’re recording a video, you may also want to capture the moment with a still picture. You can do this with your iPhone easily. Ever since the iPhone 5 model, Apple has made this a function in your phone’s camera. This way, you’ll get to make permanent memories last much longer.

8. Run Low Power Mode Consistently

Sometimes, you need your iPhone’s battery to last as long as possible. You may be out in the middle of nowhere with no access to an outlet. If you know this ahead of time, switch your phone to low power mode to use fewer resources. People like wireless technology wizard Ehsan Bayat, who help develop cell phone technology in third world countries, use this tip to keep powered up in remote areas.

9. Capture Selfies With Your Headphones

Your selfie game can be raised as well if you know this helpful tip. You can snap selfie pictures directly from your headphones instead of having to hold down the button on your phone. That way you can pose exactly how you want without holding onto your phone. All you need to do is press the “+” button while your headphones are connected to take your picture.

10. Enable Night Shift Mode

Today’s iPhones are also able to switch to a night shift mode, which can be better on your eyes and help you drift off to sleep much easier. You can customize your phone’s shift to this function by going into your settings and changing a few things. Night shift is located in the display and brightness menu in the settings tab. Select this menu, and adjust the times and perimeters to optimize your phone’s display before you are ready to go to sleep.

Every year, the iPhone gets new and more exciting updates to help improve its function and usefulness for users. Make sure you know how to access some of the most helpful features of this amazing device and keep your iPhone working at its peak.

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