10 Shocked Animal GIFs We Love

Is there anything better than an animal GIF? Except maybe a shocked animal GIF and today we have ten of them!

Shocked Cat

1. Shocked cat is shocked.

Shocked Mouse

2. Shocked mouse is also shocked.

Shocked Turtle

3. Shocked turtle is…you guessed it, shocked.

Shocked Terrapin

4. Smaller shocked turtle is still shocked.

Shocked Sloth

5. Baby sloth is slightly shocked but also very tired.

Shocked Kitten

6. Shocked kitten doesn’t want anymore new friends!

Shocked Sheep

7. Shocked sheep is shocked.

Shocked Red Panda

8. Shocked red panda is shocked.

Shocked Dog

9. Shocked dog really wants a cupcake.

Shocked Panda

10. Shocked panda regrets having babies.

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