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Unevenly Distributed: Disillusionment, Clark Nova, The MacBook Air & The Perfect Writer’s Machine


After fifteen years I've finally found the perfect writer's machine in the new 11.6-inch MacBook Air. It fuses together both the best software and hardware of which a writer could ever dream, while boasting all of the slender and effortless portability of a composition journal. It is a writer's terminal in the purest sense: with its excellent battery life, ephemeral weight, satisfying keyboard and instant-on capabilities, the new MacBook Air is perfectly suited to be the nexus into the inner chaos of my own thoughts, feelings, hang-ups, pretensions and emotions as a blank page. So why isn't writing any easier?

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Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskine Notebooks


There was a time where I thought Moleskine notebooks were the coolest damn thing on the planet. I would carry mine around with me everywhere I went. But then I realized, wait a second, I have nothing to write about in here. I go out, like, once a month. And when I do there is absolutely nothing eventful that happens. ...

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Multiple-Choice Diary: The Quick Way of Logging Your Day


Who has time to write in a diary these days? I understand that before the internet and before cellphones writing just for the sake of writing was the key to communication and creation, but these days, the options are so vast that it’s difficult to find enough time to sleep, let alone meticulously write your innermost thoughts in a diary. ...

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Lollipop Pencils Give You Something to Chew On

Rubber is an acquired taste. Sugar, everyone loves. So it makes sense that pencil chewers ditch their pencil erasers for something a bit more appetizing. Lollipop Pencils replace the standard eraser with a flavored lolly candy. If you’re a wood nibbler, I’m still short on solutions. But hopefully the sweet taste of the candy eraser will deter you from chewing ...

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Pocket Clip Pencil Eliminates Need for Pocket Protector

You know what I always say, anything that removes the need for a pocket protector is a good thing. Well, okay, that might be the first time I’ve ever said that, but it’s true. More room for our scientific calculator. The Pocket Clip Pencil is a fine example of why minimalist design is sometimes some of the most innovative and ...

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A Pencil That Celebrates Mistakes

If you want to learn to do something properly, you’re going to have to fuck up every once in a while. Mistakes are what teach us the right way to do something. Without them, we’d be under the impression that everything is perfect, even if it was far from. Writing and drawing are both skills that take an exceptional amount ...

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Characters for an Epic Tale Postcard

Having trouble creating characters for your next best-selling fantasy novel? Never fear. The Characters for and Epic Tale Postcard chart is perfect for such a situation. Everyone is there, main and side characters, from “the hero” to “the magic cow” (actually not quite familiar with that one). I can’t tell you how many jams this thing has gotten me out ...

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Light Writing in Abandoned Areas

Flickr user { tcb } searches for abandoned property and then performs some awesome light writing effects. The photos speak for themselves. It seems totally worth it, shooting in an abandoned setting. Not only for freedom and safety sake, but because of the personality the settings ooze through their pores. Each of these settings has a history. And while we ...

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Nabaztag Reboot: The Mirror by Violet

Alright. Stick with me on this one. You crazy Europeans love to created weird names for products, like The Mirror by Violet. That being said, The Mirror’ is one of the neatest gadgets I’ve seen in a long time. Hook the $60 plate up to your Mac or PC and get ready to read some RFID tags. The set includes ...

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