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The Photorealistic Bacon Scarf


Natalie Luder's "Fou Lard," which roughly translates to "insane bacon," is a photorealistic scarf designed to look like a perfectly cut slab of the nation's favorite breakfast meat.

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Bane Motorcycle Jacket


The leather arms can actually be removed to unveil Bane's combat vest. The 2-in-1 jacket will cost you $583. Not nearly as cost efficient as making it yourself, but for pure realism and quality, there's no beating this.

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LumiNet: The Wearable Computing Network


LumiNet takes the conventions of a central processing unit, such as an Arduino, handling most of the workload and spreads the responsibility across a series of parallel ‘LumiNet modules’ which only depend on the four modules directly connected to it. This way, if one module goes bad, the rest of the wearable network will stay up and running. It’s programming ...

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Samsung Unveils Prescription 3D Glasses


The geek life is an ironic state of affairs. Most of us, and I’m speaking from at least seconds of research, have some sort of vision problem. Studies show that hours of staring at the computer screen can cause serious vision impairments, which hasn’t exactly worked out for us up until now. Bad vision meant an impaired 3D experience. Not ...

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R2-D2 Swimsuit: Tanning on Tatooine


Nothing gets me more worked up than a woman in Star Wars-themed apparel. I don’t care whether it’s a full-bodied Stormtrooper costume or this R2-D2 Swimsuit. If she’s wearing it, I’m drooling. This one-piece swimsuit is modest enough for even the most conservative women, but geeky enough to keep me completely interested. James Lillis designed this R2-D2 Swimsuit, which is ...

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Airbag Helmet Stuffed Inside of a Collar Made for High Fashion


The Hvding (Swedish for “chieftain”), is an airbag designed for cyclists with a taste in fashion that isn’t traditional amongst the biking community. Though we’re confident it works just fine with pimped out mobility scooters as well. Designed by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, the Hvding collar contains gyroscopes and accelerometers which constantly monitor your movements, releasing the airbag hidden ...

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DIY Jetpack Made Using the Contents of Your Recycling Bin


Hey, we never said it was a “functioning” jetpack. Function is overrated anyway. The creative process? Now that’s where the real entertainment lays. Using a few crafting supplies and the contents of your recycling bin, you can craft your own wearable jetpack. A much cheaper alternative to buying a real pack just to complete your Rocketeer costume. Instructables user ModMischief ...

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