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Zipper Boat Unzips The Naughty Ocean’s Pants

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki built this boat to look as if it were unzipping the water if seen from an airplane or helicopter. The effect is quite good and the ocean seems to love it, dirty slut that it is. Seriously, a $250 dinner and you never call? Screw you ocean! Virgin my ass. After the jump check out the ... Read More »

Seabreacher X Takes Shark Week to a Whole New Level

While this isn’t the first-time that Seabreacher has introduced a trailblazing, adrenaline-gushing, limit-pressing submersible water vehicle, this is by far their most extreme creation yet. The Seabreacher X starts where the Seabreacher J left off. Now with a Shark-inspired body rather than that of a dolphin, the Seabreacher X boosts the performance with a 260hp supercharged engine, allowing the vehicle ... Read More »

Glowing Tea Bag Illuminates Your Glass

OK, so sue me, it’s not one of those real “hey-look-at-me-I-actually-hold-tea” tea bags. In fact, there’s no tea involved at all. But what does happen is pretty magical, tea-free and all. Dunk the “tea” bag into a mug of water and the magic happens. Glowy, pretty magic. If you like this tea bagging, just wait until later. I’ll show you ... Read More »

Liquid Powered Battery Can Run for 10 Years

Batteries aren’t only a burden on your wallet, but they can cause some serious side-effects for the environment as well. Alternative methods are starting to pop-up, and this NoPoPo AA Battery is one of those. Powered by most any liquid, the NoPoPo Battery can last up to ten years on a single charge of simple H2O. In fact, if you ... Read More »

Astronauts Love Drinking Recycled Urine

In a move that should come as no surprise, NASA has completed its installation of a urine-to-water recycling system aboard the International Space Station. To celebrate, the crew of the ISS stuck some straws in funky-looking bags of the liquid and drank up. Some claim that the recycled piss is actually cleaner than most tap water on Earth, but I ... Read More »

Gigantic Water Play Slide: Inflatable Mobile Fun

In the spirit of really large and cool shit for the summer, check out this Gigantic Water Play Slide from “ridiculously expensive stuff” extraordinaire Hammacher Schlemmer. Part 16-foot water slide, part water fort, the Gigantic Water Play Slide includes a bouncy center play gym and a mountain climbing-like stair experience. All for the (super-cheap, OMG) price of (only?!) $9,000. Chump ... Read More »

Super Soaker 50 20th Anniversary Edition

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the de facto water gun was the Super Soaker. I myself had both the SS 50 and SS 100 guns, including a few extra water tanks. My friends and I would stake out my backyard, gunning for an hours-long fight to the death. Hasbro is re-releasing the original Super Soaker 50 to celebrate its ... Read More »