March 1, 2015

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Thanko USB Cigarette: Mmm, Mmm Smooth

Doesn’t it suck when you get stuck with a shitty new roommate? You know the type I mean. The ones who demand that we can’t puff away at smokes all day indoors like we’re accustomed to. And we just got our brand new lighter too! Who do they think they are? The government? As they usually do, Thanko has come ... Read More »

Ultimate Smokers’ Phone Reloaded… Marlboro Stylee

A little more than a year ago we brought you the Ultimate Smokers’ Phone, a device which was made to look like a Chinese-brand of cigarettes’ pack, and even held real cigarettes. This time around, we’ve found a adaptation of the device which is much more Americana, featuring the design of the well-known Marlboro brand. The Dual-band Marlboro phone features ... Read More »

Giant Pipe “For Tobacco Use Only”

This bronze tobacco pipe measures 2.8 meters (9 feet) across and clocks in at a remarkable 116kg (255 pounds). It is believed to be the largest pipe in China and is currently on display at an exhibition center in Hangzhou. Naturally, the pipe is intended “for tobacco use only,” but I’m willing to bet that more than a few burnouts ... Read More »

Cigarettea: Everybody’s doing it and it’s subliminal camel-free

Even non-smokers can have something to tote around in the Cigarette Phone. Cigarettea is cigarette-shaped tea bags for people who like to entertain in a subtle way. People will give you glances of confusion as you drop a cigarette into your boiling water. Let the Cigarettea settle, just like any other tea, and then drink down its tea goodness. It’s ... Read More »