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Real-Life Portal T-Shirt Puts a Hole in Your Belly


Ben Heck, expert modder and webshow host, is at it again with his newest creation, the Real-Life Portal T-Shirt. By modifying the shirt with “a chest-mounted LCD screen and a back-mounted CCD camera,” Heck created a t-shirt which puts a hole through your belly, right where the cake would have been if it weren’t a lie. Ben shows off his ...

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I Lol’d: The Internet Meme T-Shirt


As Internet memes continue their spread into the media the meme culture becomes a bigger part of mainstream culture. At this point, even your grandmother knows what LOLCats are. Stardamsel created the “I Lol, Therefore I Am” t-shirt for those of us who live and breath Internet culture, using a combination of 4-chan charm and mash-up meme madness. The list ...

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Son of Manio


Inspired by Rene Magritte’s The Son of Man, Son of Manio is Jonah Block’s geeky little way of showing his admiration for both gaming and surrealist art. The Son of Manio design is available on a T-Shirt from Woot today only for only $10. You can check out this link for a refresher on Magritte’s original The Son of Man ...

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Calvin & Hobbes Becomes Chewie & Han

In this perfectly produced homage to childhood obsession, designer Chris Walt created the Chewie & Han t-shirt, in honor of both Calvin & Hobbes and Star Wars. Walt is selling the shirt for $22 through redbubble. The shirt is available both with and without text. I can’t say I was a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes when I was ...

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The Four Velociraptors of the Apocalypse

A single Velociraptor might not have been much of a match for a Tyrannosaurs Rex, but a quartet of raptors with an evil appetite could take on the world. The Velociraptors of the Apocalypse t-shirt put an end to the debate on what caused the global extinction of the dinosaurs. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that Chuck Norris might have had ...

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Pokeball T-Shirt

Gary Oak is never going to respect you. That’s just a fact of life in cartoon world. Typically once you’re an antagonist, you’re always an antagonist. But what’s the next best thing? Having him envy you. Throw on your Pokeball shirt and Gary will be begging you to tell you where you got it. No matter how smart his father ...

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Duck Hunt T-Shirt

I was playing Duck Hunt the other day for the first time in around 15 years and it made me realize just how great of game it really was/is. I don’t know if it was just because it played such a big role in my childhood, but the game is just painfully addicting, even without the awesome gun controller (I ...

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Pac-Man Seance T-Shirt

Grandma? Is that you? No, dipshit. It’s me, Blinky. And I was just about to catch Pac-Man at his last life. So if you’d be so kind, would you please shut the fuck up and send me back to the game? Thanks a lot. This Pac-Man Seance t-shirt is currently being voted on at Threadless. If you’d like to see ...

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Iron Man Armor T-Shirt

Some have stated that they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this shirt beyond a comic conference or the like, but me? Well let’s just say I’ve been known to rock my Michael Jackson Red Jacket t-shirt out in public with no shame. So really, this could really boost my coolness. The Iron Man 2 Comic Chest T-Shirt, available for around ...

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