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How The Maul Stole Christmas

Speaking of Star Wars oddities, check out this toy spotted on Ebay. Most of us have seen the family holiday favorite, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. But not many of us have seen the less known How The Darth Maul Stole Christmas. Actually, we’re quite sure it doesn’t even exist. If you have $25 extra bucks, you can own your ... Read More »

The Star Wars Vault Loads You Up With Swag

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. It has totally surpassed the rungs of classic movie and turned itself into a standalone genre of culture, which is proven by the insane Postal Service campaign that was unveiled for its anniversary. The Star Wars Vault packs in a whole shit load of photos, artwork, and memorabilia exploring the development and creation of ... Read More »

Knit Leia Wig / Winter Hat / Ear Muffs Is Buntastic

Carrie Fisher’s iconic hairstyle as Princess Leia in Star Wars has become a status symbol for any true member of sci-fi royalty. A crafty lady designed a Princess Leia Wig (which also looks like it operates equally well as a winter hat and ear warmers) which you can get from Etsy. Available for only $7.95, the choice is yours. The ... Read More »

Boba Fett Bobble Head Doll Sets A Bounty On The Fett Man’s Skull

Boba Fett, one of the most mysterious and popular characters from the Star Wars series is now available in bobble head form. This bounty hunter is like we’ve never seen him, with his head three times as large as his body. Other than the Stormtroopers and Darth himself, Boba is the baddest Star Wars villain of them all. With no ... Read More »

Princess Leia – Angelina Jolie Edition

If they were to recast the original Star Wars for an adaptation with today’s stars, who would be cast? For Princess Leia, my money would be on someone a little less stunningly beautiful then Angelina Jolie. I mean, Carrie Fisher was hot, but not Angelina hot. This rendition of a Princess Leia action figure stars Angelina in the lead female ... Read More »

Star Wars-themed Marine Research Facility

When you watch Star Wars, take a good look at some of the buildings in the classic movie. They still look pretty futuristic, right? Here’s some added proof that the future is now. Designer Jason Mellard delved into the works of George Lucas to conceive the Facility At Sea. The facilities will literally dive into the water, sliding down their ... Read More »

R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle

When you head out to a Japanese resturant, sometimes the little bottles restaurants have to hold the soy sauce resemble little robots. I half expect them to walk across the table and pour themselves. And what robot is more appropriate to have a themed soy sauce bottle for than R2D2, the lovable droid from Star Wars. Not only was he ... Read More »

DIY: Jabba The Hut

Equally bizarre and cool, this ‘make your own Jabba The Hut’ project is one that I would love to do if I had the time. This is not a project to make a model, but a full scale replica of the hideous glutton from Star Wars. While you’ll need a lot of time and a whole shit load of hot ... Read More »

Life-sized Leia, You’re Our Only Hope

The best way for us nerds to score chicks is to focus on ladies that have mobility problems. In other words, trouble running away from our squealing voices. Instead of focusing on paraplegics (as sexy as they are), this Life-sized Princess Leia model has nowhere to run, and couldn’t run even if she did have somewhere to run too. With ... Read More »