Sunday , 25 January 2015
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Mini Lighter Cufflinks

These Mini Lighter Cufflinks were available on Etsy before the internet took over and sold out every last pair. Will they be back? Who knows, but lord, these things are awesome. They’re cufflinks which are actual lighters, meaning you can light up a smoke without even reaching into your pocket. I wouldn’t recommend these if you go a little heavy ... Read More »

Thanko USB Cigarette: Mmm, Mmm Smooth

Doesn’t it suck when you get stuck with a shitty new roommate? You know the type I mean. The ones who demand that we can’t puff away at smokes all day indoors like we’re accustomed to. And we just got our brand new lighter too! Who do they think they are? The government? As they usually do, Thanko has come ... Read More »

Halloween Bubble Fogger

I used to have a sweet little fog machine until my roommate lost it. I may consider this Bubble Fogger as a suitable replacement. Instead of just belching out smoke onto your stage a la Spinal Tap, this little fucker burps up bubbles filled with fog that remain perfect spheres until popped. Once popped, the fog will flow into the ... Read More »

E=MC Stoned

There is no denying that Einstein was one of the most brilliant physicists since Newton. The man was on a different train of thought than the rest of humanity. I believe he simply couldn’t have gotten revered without the help of some friendly cannabis sativa. Sure, naysayers will claim Einstein was a straight-edge, but that’s just plain wrong. The theory ... Read More »

Dupont Self-Charging Smoke Detector reinvents a commonplace item

The combination of innovative technology and household safety is an area that is beginning to grow. Small items are utilizing various parts of our homes to become just a step above what we currently have. The DuPont Screw-In Self-Charging Smoke Alarm utilizes your light socket to do more than your current smoke alarm. So many of us have the built ... Read More »