February 28, 2015

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Artificial Skin Gives Robots the Sense of Touch

Scientists for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences of the University of California at Berkeley have created an electronic skin that can give robots an almost human-esque sense of touch for the first time in technological history. The pressure-sensitive skin, made using germanium and silicon, is controlled via built-in capacitors which interpret changes in the skins thickness. Depending ... Read More »

Retro NES Skin Turns Your Wii Retro

When it comes down to it, I never quite “got over” my original NES console. No matter what system I might play for a few months or even years, and trust me, I’ve played quite a few different consoles in my day, I always come back to the original. Maybe it has something to do with the memories of comfort ... Read More »

A Multitouch Screen for Every Surface

Wouldn’t be cool if you could turn any surface into a multitouch display? Portuguese company Displax says it’s not only possible, it’s plausible and practical. The company says it is bringing to market a multitouch capable, super-thin polymer “skin” that can be applied to any material — flat, curved, opaque, transparent, you name it — creating a digital muli-touch surface ... Read More »

5th Gen iPod Nano Case Makes Device Look Like a Proper Camera

There has already been a fair share of quips about the video camera on the new 5th generation iPod Nano, most having to deal with the video quality and the positioning of the lens on the device. But what about the fact that it looks nothing like a camera? If you weren’t down with tech blogs, you’d probably not even ... Read More »

Human Skin Rug: The Most Disturbing Rug Ever

Designed by Chrissy Conant, the Chrissy Skin Rug is actually a very personal creation by the designer, signifying her relationship with her parents or some other mommy-daddy-type issue. I’m more focused on how disturbing this thing is. It sort of looks like a slaughtered blow-up doll. If there was a blow-up doll serial killer, their home might feature a rug ... Read More »

Dragon Skin Body Armor

One thing most of us can agree on is that our troops overseas deserve only the finest body armor available. Their lives are at jeopardy in order to protect our freedoms, so we’d like to see everyone return home safe and sound. Soldiers could really use some of this Dragon Kin body armor from Pinnacle Armor. You can detonate an ... Read More »

Spray Skin On Your Burnt Flesh

This skin spraying gun makes you feel like you’re Wolverine. Stem-cell infused skin is discharged from the nozzle onto a wound to expedite the healing process to just hours. Alright, so it’s not quite Wolverine’s mutant healing powers, it’s still better than your natural tissue regeneration, pussy. This is not to be confused with the spray on condom. $250 million ... Read More »

Let those beads speak of the doom of UV light

It’s a common saying in Japan that UV light is the biggest enemy to women because it makes them age faster. So a lot of beauty products have been abusing this concept to target its consumers. Instead of trying to reverse the damage, wouldn’t it be great to have something handy to warn you just before those freckles come out? ... Read More »

Wii decal takes you back in time, and for no reason

Why do fanboys wish to recreate the past so badly? This is a simple decal that lets you have your brand new Wii controller turn into a “retro” controller so that you don’t have to get out that SNES to get the nostalgia juices flowing. While this decal lets you get a blast-from-the-past, it clashes with the Wii’s minimal aesthetic. ... Read More »