February 27, 2015

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LED Shoelaces Let Out Your Inner Raver


I’ve never gone clubbing in my entire life. I find joy in the simple things in life – picking dry skin flakes from my beard, trolling weight loss forums, making sure my belly button is impeccably clean – you know, the usual hubbub. But I can imagine for the people who are into that “scene,” these glowing fiber-optic LED Shoelaces ... Read More »

Nike Patents Back to the Future II Style Sneaker

A few weeks back we posted about a homemade pair of Back to the Future II style sneakers which were controlled through an Arduino microcontroller. The premise was good and so was the effort, but the motor on the back of the shoes was just too much of an eyesore to be practical. But we might be seeing a much ... Read More »

New Adidas Give You Literal Wings

These are the first pair of shoes that make me want to shout “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” from the rooftops. And for a guy who’s worn shoes made out of acid sheets, that’s saying quite a lot. Adidass new leather Wings 2.0 shoes by Jeremy Scott are designed to not merely empower, but to look awesome. White man can’t ... Read More »

Adidas Originals Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Sneakers

Star Wars is one of the most iconic movies of all-time. Never has their been a film which influenced pop culture to such a ridiculous extent. Everything from Jar Jar to the Death Star has become a culture phenomenon, for better or for worse. Who wouldn’t mind having a new pair of kicks, specially designed to incorporate iconic Star Wars ... Read More »

Sneakers Made Out of Computer Parts

If your shoes offer better performance than your home computer, you know you’re in the presence of something special. These Blaze Pentium 1.0 Sneakers probably have a better processing speed than my PC. Designed by Gabriel Dishaw, these 15 pound shoes took three weeks to perfect. The Intel Pentium-inspired sneakers are currently for sale and are shipped with an equally ... Read More »

Bread Slippers Make It Harder to Avoid Carbs

I need some sort of carb with every meal, which probably explains why I’m overweight. If I’m eating meat, you best believe it’s going to be wrapped between two hunks of bread. But here’s my dilemma. Some people don’t understand my need for carb goodness. Some of my friends are so gung-ho about carbs that they don’t even own any ... Read More »

Realistic Sneakers Made Out of Paper

This is some extreme papercrafting. David Brownings created these pretty realistic-looking kicks using nothing but colored paper. I’d actually rock them if I knew they’d last longer than a few steps. Read More »