February 28, 2015

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The Aftermath: Our Next Day Apple Roundup

With all the announcements at WWDC yesterday, it’s understandable that some information was overlooked. But now that WWDC’s keynote has come and gone, it’s time to analyze and pick apart every last thing Apple mentioned. Apparently, I overlooked the new 13-inch Macbook Pro! Here’s what people around the web are discussing: The 411 on tethering and MMS delays from AT&T. ... Read More »

WWDC 2009 Roundup

So. Today was Apple’s WWDC keynote. Phil Schiller delivered it without Jobs. Let’s cut the commentary bullshit out and go straight to the announcements: iPhone 3GS announced – faster 3G, faster processor, 3-megapixel camera – $199 for 16GB, $299 for a 32GB model. Drops June 19th. 15-inch Macbook Pro line gets SD card slot, built-in battery Snow Leopard – $29 ... Read More »

NY Daily News Budget Gadgets Roundup

If you’re in New York City, pick up a copy of the NY Daily News today. I’ve done a nice little roundup on budget gadgets that are perfect for the holidays. Thanks to the NYDN for giving us a shout out. If you’d like to read it online, the link is below. Link Read More »

Analog and Digital Notebook Roundup

With classes starting for most students this week or next, it’s important that you’re properly geared up for school before trekking back. Cool Hunting has a nice roundup of both “analog” and digital notebooks that will suit nearly anyone’s taste, style or preference. Whether you’re heading to Columbia Law or the Clown College of Miami, this is a read you ... Read More »

True Music Phones

PSFK has a great roundup of phones designed by the au Design Project and Yamaha. Each prototype has a unique musical ability about it. My personal favorite is Trio In Your Hand, a phone that folds out into a DJ setup. Link Read More »

Fifteen Sidecars You Probably Haven’t Seen

Found on my pal Nick’s Tumblr, these sidecars from the past 50+ years are both unique and classic. What better way to add additional storage/passenger capacity to a scooter or motorcycle than a sidecar? From the gorgeous 1954 Steib sidecar above to the disgusting Volante sidecar of the 1930s, these are some metal caskets you can’t miss. Hit the jump ... Read More »

WWDC 2008 Keynote Roundup

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference was a blast of Apple goodness with some long-awaited announcements. For over a decade, Apple has been showcasing new software and technologies for developers at WWDC. This was the first year that the WWDC has sold out, making it the largest one to date. Tons of iPhone/OS X/MobileMe news was unleashed by Steve Jobs himself ... Read More »

Afternoon Linkage

Heres a delicious helping of good reads from around the net. Were you on OiNK? Better watch out Relive your childhood through water games Bluetooth marketing strikes! Hide your phones! Microsoft warns users about using Safari, forgets that Hotmail accounts were compromised recently This hidden camera inside a stick of gum is badass Add one cup Sun Microsystems, a dash ... Read More »

Unique Vending Machines

Neatorama has done a great job at rounding up some wacky and unique vending machines. While we’ve all reached for that 5-year-old bag of Party Mix before, these machines offer everything from marijuana to hot dogs to iPods. Though iPods aren’t anything new, I was surprised to find you can get a delicious (and kosher) Nathan’s hot dog from a ... Read More »

Phoenix Down: A Phoenix Mars Lander Roundup

Heard about NASA’s latest endeavor but haven’t had a chance to check out the pictures or read about it? No worries. I’ve got ya covered. Here’s a quick roundup on various coverage of NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander: The latest high-resolution photo from Mars, direct from NASA. Follow Phoenix via the official site. The Guardian’s take on the mission. Don’t raise ... Read More »