March 1, 2015

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Rumor: Blackberry Storm 2 Due In September

Take this one with a grain of salt considering how away September is, but according to SlashGear, RIM is working on a new version of the Storm for Verizon. The touchscreen device will finally get WiFi in addition to fixes that will fix issues that plagued the original Storm. Obviously, Blackberry App World will be included but that’s about the ... Read More »

RIM Ditching Smartphones; Introduces BlackBerry Yogurt

In a sudden and shocking move by one of the leading mobility companies in the world, RIM has announced that they will be discontinuing all of their interests in the smartphone sector and will be focusing all of their efforts on their newest product, BlackBerry Yogurt. “The recession has put a considerable strain on the fledgling mobile industry, and competing ... Read More »

RIM Launches Blackberry App World

This is no April Fool’s prank, my friends. In the wee hours of this morning, RIM switched on its competitor to Apple’s App Store, the Blackberry App World (how creative). You’ll be able to browse top apps, find new ones and hope someone was able to make a half-decent program in such little time. RIM is saying that by the ... Read More »

RIM Job: Blackberry App World Demands Your Money

So RIM has officially announced the Blackberry App World. Stupid name, yes, but it should be considered a serious competitor to Apple’s App Store. Similar to the App Store, App World will have some free apps for you to download. But as far as paid apps go, the minimum price a developer can set an app at is $2.99. To ... Read More »

T-Mobile, RIM Announce Blackberry Curve 8900

T-Mobile has been long overdue for a new RIM device and the Blackberry Curve 8900 will do just fine. The phone will drop sometime next month and has plenty of features that make us drool with jealousy. Try out some WiFi, GPS, headphone jack, microSD slots and of course, myFaves for size. Too rough for ya? Didn’t think so. All ... Read More »

Inside The Blackberry Storm

The team at PhoneWreck has gone and done something that no other Verizon Wireless subscriber dare not do: dissect the Blackberry Storm bit by bit. Head on over for the full review to find out what that crazy new “clickscreen” looks like under the hood. From what I can gather, it looks like the screen uses a single button to ... Read More »

Rumors: BlackBerry Storm Coming November 24th

Pro leak-a-holic Boy Genius has leaked a Verizon document that reveals more details about the highly anticipated Blackberry 9530 Storm. Said document shows a pre-launch on November 20th with the official, nationwide launch going down on November 24th. Less than two weeks until you can get a precious Storm! There is a God! Hit the jump for more crisp details: Read More »

Blackberry Storm Pricing Leaked

Over on Howard Forums, a cellphone forum I stopped going to years ago, some kind stranger was nice enough to leak a screenshot of some placeholder pages on Verizon Wireless‘ website. The Blackberry 9530 Storm is going to cost $219 with a two-year contract and a killer $519 if you decide to pay month-to-month. A one-year contract upgrade will net ... Read More »