March 6, 2015

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DIY Steampunk Pumpkin

Hans Scharler created this awesome Steampunk Pumpkin using a bunch of spare parts from some of the most well known DIY providers. The pumpkin glows an eerie green color from inside when turned on in the dark, sort of like your mom. Hit the jump for the video making of the Steampunk Pumpkin. Read More »

Pumpkin Art Gone Fatty: Cheeseburger Pumpkin

Tis the season to rip a gourd from the garden and whip out the ole carving knife. Try to stretch your mouth around this pumpkin carving. My favorite part has to be the pumpkin seeds replacing the sesame seeds. While this might not be a “traditional” pumpkin carving, I think the finished result is even cooler, and certainly more appetizing, ... Read More »

Super Mario Mushroom Pumpkin

Confusing title? Absolutely, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. This here is a pumpkin, with the Super Mario Brothers 1UP mushroom carved out and an LED planted in the center. It looks sweet as hell, but even sweeter is that pumpkin they had to scoop out beforehand. Mmmm, pumpkin. Link Read More »

Pumpkin Armchair Is Perfect For Cinderella

Sure, Halloween has come and gone and it was a blast. However, like all good holidays, we tend to drag them out until people tell us we’ve gone too far. Who says we can’t enjoy the spirit of Halloween in November? Fuck ‘em! Take, for instance, this gorgeous pumpkin chair. Whether fat or thin, this chair is bound to keep ... Read More »

Red Ring O’ Lantern

There are few things scarier than a politician on Halloween, except for the red ring of death. Alan Penner of Goleta, California carved a ton of tech-inspired pumpkins for his front porch. A Ubuntu pumpkin and various emoticon carvings decorate his lawn, with the red ring of death being the most frightening of all. With all the new games coming ... Read More »


Feeling like a Maverick? Like One-Eyed Jack? The Ace of Spades? Of course you do! Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading Gearfuse. Unleash your inner dork on October 31st and get ready for some Mac-O-Lanterns this Halloween. An Instructables article will walk you through the process of painting an old Mac orange and attaching a mouse to it. As for the ... Read More »

Campaign-O-Lanterns Scare Off Liberals And Conservatives Alike

Halloween is upon us, so we’re keeping our eyes peeled for some spooky home decorations that will surely scare the kids. What could be more frightening than pumpkin carvings of your favorite (or least favorite) politicians? Nothing comes to mind. These “campaign-o-lanterns” offer a slew of PDFs you can use to begin carving your political pumpkins. I don’t know about ... Read More »