February 28, 2015

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Batteries Will One Day Be Smaller Than a Grain of Sand


When you think about batteries, two things come to mind; sitting out in the cold, waiting for your car batteries to be jumped, and the clunky lithium-ion batteries we’ve come to know and love as the life force of our gadgets. Research funded by DARPA is pushing the limits of battery technology in an effort to create the smallest batteries ... Read More »

Windstalk Concept Could Replace Turbine-Powered Energy


Wind turbines are a great and relatively cheap source of alternative energy, but some people are just not willing to give up their pristine landscape for a grid of wind turbines, even though I think they look pretty damn gorgeous personally. Others worry about the low-frequency vibrations the turbines emit. Whatever reasons wind turbines might negatively affect the populace, Atelier ... Read More »

A Power Strip Made for Dunking in Water? Sounds Safe Enough

The Waterproof Power Strip by Water Circuits utilizes a special design and a protective material, which when used in tandem, reduces the electrical flow when doused in water. The power strip can be safely submerged in water for 2 hours and live to tell the tale. Though I have to admit, it’s me living that I’m more concerned about. I ... Read More »

Wall Decal Reveals the Hamster That Powers Your Home

Please… please mister, turn off the lights and unplug your sockets… I just… I just can’t go on. This carrot looks less and less appetizing with every step. It’s just not worth it… oh God….. Do it for him. Turn off your gadgets when you leave the room. Save yourself some cash and save your wall hamster from exhaustion. For ... Read More »

Liquid Powered Battery Can Run for 10 Years

Batteries aren’t only a burden on your wallet, but they can cause some serious side-effects for the environment as well. Alternative methods are starting to pop-up, and this NoPoPo AA Battery is one of those. Powered by most any liquid, the NoPoPo Battery can last up to ten years on a single charge of simple H2O. In fact, if you ... Read More »

The Life Lessons of Super Mario Bros.

Within those hours upon hours of playing around with Super Mario Bros. we figured there must have been some sort of life lesson. We convinced our parents that the game was teaching us indispensable hand-eye coordination skills. But there was another hidden message that, unbeknown to us, would teach us all we needed to know for our adult years. The ... Read More »

Broom Surge Protector Powers Your Electronics with a Clean Sweep

Us gearheads are admittedly not the best housekeepers in the universe (at least this universe). Our brain is filled with so many other thoughts and ideas, how can we possible make space to remember our daily chores? And don’t give me that chore chart crap. That shit is for the birds. The Brook Surge Protector not only powers four different ... Read More »

Crank It Up: Solar-Energy FM Radio

So this isn’t really anything extravagant, but sometimes the best gadgets are the ones that operate in a simple fashion. This AM/FM radio has a bit of a DIY look with the old-school silver button on the top and the solar panel feeding it energy. There’s also a hand crank in case you live in Seattle or Alaska. It can’t ... Read More »

Monster GreenPower Center

Even if you turn your computer and electronics off, they still suck power from your outlets. This is known as vampire energy and it can really add to your electric bill if you’re like us and own a lot of consumer electronics. For $100-130, this power strip from Monster lets you tap a button to switch it into sleep mode. ... Read More »

Cord Plug Redesigned

One of the most dangerous things you do on a daily basis (besides drive your automobile) is fiddle with the power cords of home appliances. You never know when pulling that cord will result in a tear and a powerful shock that you’ll certainly remember. Good thing designer Kim Seung Woo has redesigned the standard power cord with a glow-in-the-dark ... Read More »