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Philips new DVD players compatible with iPod

Philips has decided to follow along in the iPod craze, even if it looks that things might start switching to the iPhone. The new DVD players, the DCP750 and the DCP850, will have a built in iPod cradle and a DVD/CD drive, so you can either watch illegal movies on your iPod or legal ones with the DVD player. On ... Read More »

The Model 914 PC-BOT: a PC on wheels

If youre a PC hobbyist and are willing to dish out a measly 5 grand, then maybe you should look into the Model 914 PC-BOT. This PC-robot is basically a PC on wheels that can interact with the physical world; something that some people wish their laptops would do. Once you pull the 914 PC-BOT out of the box and ... Read More »

The Sumvision Platinum Pro mp3 player: sleek and cheap

If you saw the new Sumvision Platinum Pro mp3 player on the street, youd probably think it was the successor of the Moto Razr. This sleek new silver mp3 player coming out of Sumvision is the next cool mp3 player that is selling for a great price. At only $70, this great little device is loaded with features, bringing together ... Read More »

Pure Digitals new camcorder hit with Vloggers.

A vloggers dream camcorder was born with Pure Digitals new Camcorder. This compact camcorder is just the perfect size to capture all those moments youd never catch, or even have, lugging a regular camcorder around. With 1GB of memory built in, you can record up to 60 minutes worth of video without adding any extra memory. This new camcorder has ... Read More »

Genuine Creative SE2300 Wireless Headphones; No wires!

Well if you didnt get the Borat innuendo in the title, sucks for you; Anyways, Creative just came out with the SE2300 Wireless Headphones. These headphones are perfect for those of you who just happen to somehow get all tangled up every time you dance to your iPod; that could be the fact that you cant dance, but for this ... Read More »

New Shiro MP3 player: Music, Pictures, and Videos, oh MY!

Nowadays, it seems as if everyones music library is growing exponentially, and so those iPod Nanos with their set memory just dont cut it. Thats where Shiro comes in with its new mp3 player, the MY. The newest mp3 player in Shiros lineup has an edge over most mp3 players these days: it has an expandable memory card slot, with ... Read More »

DVDs on-the-go: the “Most” Portable Handheld DVD Player

The problem with all those portable DVD players is that they can be clunky and very easy to break when you are traveling. However, the problem is solved with the Portable Handheld DVD Player. This paperback-sized DVD player contains a 4.2 inch monitor which delivers a sharp, clear picture which is held in an ABS plastic case that is covered ... Read More »

Music Jam gives karoke stars a place to turn to

For all of you mini-Chers or Madonas out there, the Music Jam Mixer iPod portable recording & karaoke studio is just what you need to impress every single one of your friends. Your karaoke friends, that is. The Music Jam Mixer utilizes the iPods XLR socket to both playback songs and record what you are singing simultaneously. It also performs ... Read More »

BenQ MusiQ player: for midget sized geeks

Don’t let the disguise fool you! These dog tag shaped pieces of metal are more then just for decoration around your local gangsta’s neck. The BenQ MusiQ takes the idea of the shuffle portable media, and makes it a fashion statement (or a nice prank to play on your military unit. “Man down! What’s the officer’s name? BenQ MusiQ? Hey….What ... Read More »