March 3, 2015

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Inflatable Photo Studio


Every choice in life comes with positive and negative baggage. The good thing about the Inflatable Photo Studio is that you can mobilize your hobby and always have a portable spot to snap off a few B&W portraits of your favorite subject. And then, of course, there is the downside, which isn’t nearly as pleasant. The bad thing about dealing ... Read More »

Recycled Plastic Lampshade

Titled “The Renovation Lampshade”, this beautiful design is the creation of Daria Burlinska and Wojtek Traczyk. The team came up with the idea through cast off plastics and organic lines. I think it looks absolutely beautiful, though a bit like crumpled up paper in a waste bin. Link Read More »

Crystal Clear Nintendo DSi Shell

Personally, putting new shells on consoles was never my thing. I never understood why someone would risk taking apart their shiny new PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast so that they could wrap it up in a clear, translucent layer of plastic. But such is life, as well as this Nintendo DSi case. Created by accessories manufacturer XCM, the shell lets you ... Read More »

Transparent Mac SE Prototype

Here’s a little known fact that most people have no clue about: Back in the day, when Apple was working on a new computer model, the prototypes before mass production would feature clear, translucent casing. Don’t believe me? Fire up that DVD player and go watch Hackers. Angelina Jolie uses a clear-plastic Powerbook in the movie. And this Mac SE/30? ... Read More »

The Nintendo Wii and Bad Parenting Work Well Together

“Son, we’re going to the 7-11 for dinner. Put your shoes on.” “But father! I’ve lost my sneakers whilst playing in the woods this morning!” “You little shit. Those shoes cost me $17 from Walmart. Are you trying to embarrass me?” “No!” “Well I’m hungry as shit. Here. In the mean time, put these Wiimote covers on your feet.” “I’m ... Read More »

It’s A Cup. No, It’s A Hard Drive. No, It’s A Cup

I’ve got a problem with designer Franco Marino Cagnina’s external hard drive concept. It’s not the fact that it’s 100% recyclable which gets to me, that’s just fine and dandy. It’s the fact that it looks exactly like a cup which really bothers me. That’s not to say I don’t approve of a design change over the traditional square box ... Read More »

Potato Chip Necklace

Bitches! I’m eatin’ chips I’m gettin’ salty You wanna steal my Lays, better make sure my security system is faulty Throw ‘em on the neck Throw ‘em on the neck Potato chips be danglin’ and nobody frontin’ on my styles Droppin’ mad cash Fifty dollar sack Gotta keep my cred up and my carbs down, motherfuckers! Link [via] Read More »

War Bowl Battles On The Melted Front

Melting plastic army men is loads of fun. Real army men, however – well, that’s an entirely different story. Dominic Wilcox either had a troubled childhood, or he was just as normal as the rest of us. After all, melting army men with a magnifying glass is every adolescent’s favorite pass time, right? He’s taken this fun, yet childish activity ... Read More »

Classic IBM Packaging

Here’s a photo of a ledger from the 1984 collection from IBM. Those striking pastels and regal fonts really bring it all together. Look how proud IBM was: “For the introduction of the IBM PC, we designed the packages and software manual, creating, instead of the industry’s usual cheap plastic binders, hard-bound linen covers and slipcovers in pastel colors to ... Read More »