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Light Frequency Fingertips Turn Your Fingers Into an Orchestra


I played guitar off-and-on for about ten years, but I gave up my musical aspirations once I realized my fingers just weren’t made for rapid chord progressions. All the practice in the world couldn’t solve my coordination issues, or change the fact that my fingers more closely resemble sausages than most human anatomy should. Some talents you just have to ...

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LED Shoelaces Let Out Your Inner Raver


I’ve never gone clubbing in my entire life. I find joy in the simple things in life – picking dry skin flakes from my beard, trolling weight loss forums, making sure my belly button is impeccably clean – you know, the usual hubbub. But I can imagine for the people who are into that “scene,” these glowing fiber-optic LED Shoelaces ...

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RGB Lamp Introduces Your Home To Color Theory

There’s a designer in everybody, just trying to get out. One of the first lessons and designer studying their craft will learn is the very basics of color theory (colors can even alter human emotion and physiology, as we’ve seen). The RGB diagram has become an iconic staple of the design world and for good reason, it’s simplistic beauty is ...

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Battery Snaps Are All Battery

If it got much simpler, there would be nothing to see. Snap a 9v battery right into the LED light snapper doodad and press the button on top to turn on the light. Voila, instant glowiness. I guess you hold the Battery Snap by the base of the battery. Something about that just doesn’t seem safe to me. Just always ...

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Transitive Contact Lenses Will Likely Darken Your Eye Color

Good news for people who look like shit in sunglasses, but awful news for those who love their light eye color. These transition contact lenses are the first of their kind. They might someday eliminate the need for people with contacts to ever worry about toting their glasses around at all. There are surely some of you who have held ...

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Street Light Floor Lamp

Everyday, thousands of street lights are orphaned, sent to the junk yard to rot, with no one to maintain their slowly rusting bodies, their LED and solar brethren slowly taking their place. Please, help save these helpless street lights and adopt one for your own personal use. These Street Light Floor Lamps use re-appropriated street lights to create a unique ...

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Playing Chess in the Dark with LED Masterpiece Game

Prisoners of war, rejoice! Even if you’re stuck in the hole with only your alter-ego to keep you company you can still keep up with your chess game. The LED-lit Masterpiece Game features both chess and checkers pieces lit individually via small LED bulbs. The Masterpiece game board ships with both a car adaptor and an AC adaptor for playing ...

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Pixelated Light Bulb

Rely on a bulb made out of pixels and you’ll likely be left in the dark. This ain’t no 2D world, sucka. We need light with three dimensions. I could see this working in a awesome in a totally pixel-themed room, but other than that this shit will just look out of place and pretty useless. I love it, but ...

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Slinky Attempts to Hide As A Light Fixture

The Slinky, being one of the most popular toys of the 20th century, can hardly just walk down any public street like any other run of the mill toy. Poor Slinky would be mobbed by adoring fans. In an attempt to live a half normal life, the Slinky as been forced to disguise itself as a light fixture. See what ...

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