March 4, 2015

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Comics Made with CAPTCHAs


CAPTCHAs are good for other things beside security and the occasional laugh. For one, they can fulfill dreams. They can destroy dreams too. They can be the stuff of our nightmares. But they can also be inspirational. These CAPTCHAs inspired an artist to create comics devoted to the word combinations. These internet security-inspired comics are so cool and so puntastic ... Read More »

Angry Birds for BlackBerry

Sorry, RIM, you know I love you, but I couldn’t resist. Let’s just say the BlackBerry was not designed for gaming. But, hey, at least you’re still the best at mobile email. You’ve got to look on the bright side of things sometimes, no matter how dark things might seem. Sorry, BlackBerry fans, either you have the classic BB or ... Read More »

X-Ray Photobomb

Don’t you hate it when your doctor is one of those guys that just feels the need to be in every picture? I’ll hand it to him, he has a pretty impressive skull, but I refuse to condone such behavior, and it’s not just because I’m extremely jealous of this man’s normal-shaped head. Link Read More »

For the Love of God, At Least Let Charmander Finish His Brandy

Just when he had all the furniture back where he wanted it, Ash had to come along and call him out. It’s about time that Pokemon stood up for their rights as living beings and were awarded some privileges. Because clearly this whole battling thing isn’t working out. I mean, come on. Charmander still had half a glass of brandy ... Read More »

iPad XL: Finally Enough Power for Flash

It might take an iPad with a combustion engine in order to run Flash properly on a mobile device, but hey, for Farmville? Anything! Honda has engineered the hell out of this thing, said Steve Jobs, This is the worlds quietest combustion engine only 96 decibels. The revolutionary iPad XL gives you all the magic of iPad, and makes ... Read More »

Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream

If it can make Madonna look human, just imagine what it could do for you. Apparently Adobe Photoshop Beauty Cream is also safe to rub in your eyes. Don’t mind the stinging. That’s totally normal. Temporary blindness might also occur. In fact, it probably will, but it’s so worth it. Beauty is pain! Unfortunately pain hurts. Achieve that wrinkle-free Photoshop ... Read More »

Star Wars Google Ad

Don’t get me wrong, Princess Leia was a hot piece of diplomatic bootay, but this is just a tad bit creepy for a grown man. But hey, to each his own. One thing you’ll notice is that this ad as a bit of an identity issue, jumping back and forth between Han and Luke. Regardless, it’s one of the funniest ... Read More »

The Arithmetic of the Internet

No variables here. Just straight up basic arithmetic solves the mathematicalquandariesof the interwebz. Linking the influences that make the internet such asmorgasbordof valuable real estate and endless content. Where do we fit into all of this? Free hugs to the person who can come up with the correct equation for Gearfuse. More after the j + ump! Read More »

Even More Photos of The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers

Back in November of 2009 we posted a series of photos depicting the very secret lives of Stormtroopers. How exactly does the great white menace spend their off-duty time? The answer appeared to be spending a lot of time in each other’s arms and painting nude portraits of each other. This edition of The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers unveils their ... Read More »