March 1, 2015

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Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick

I’ll spare you the gruesome details of what stick goes in what hole. You’ve seen way too many gummy bear atrocities as it is. These half-pound gummy bears are the equivalent of 88 normal-sized gummies. The stick allows for simple consumption of your favorite mutant-sized sugary mammal. The Gummy Bear comes in three flavors: Sweet Lemon, Green Apple or Blue ... Read More »

Urban Jewelry

What would you do if you discovered a pair of earrings bigger than your car lying on the streets of your city? Would you be amazed or scared that a fashionable giant was about to trample you? Read More »

Giant iPod Nano: A Birthday Gift from Jonathan Ive

If your lucky enough to pal around with people like Senior VP of Industrial Design for Apple, Jonathan Ive, than you might be fortunate enough to receive really unique gifts for your birthday. Designer friend of Ive, Paul Smith, received his gigantic iPod Nano from Ive and Ive’s Apple co-worker Jody. In reaction to the gift, Smith said “as the ... Read More »

Shepard Fairey For Saks Fifth Avenue

Iconic OBEY designer Shepard Fairey has partnered with house of fashion Saks Fifth Avenue to create a series of stylish shopping bags. Each bag says “WANT IT!” in classic Fairey form. Big block letters, Soviet-era graphics; everything you’d expect from the guy who told you that Andrea the Giant had a posse. Some would call Shepard a sellout for doing ... Read More »

Noby Noby Boy

Noby Noby Boy is the latest upcoming title from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. It’ll be hitting the Playstation Network in early 2009 and most of us will buy it. Why? You’ll be stretching a colorful rainbow penis around in 3-D space for hours. Twirl it around, make it into a pretzel, whatever. Compete against people online to see who ... Read More »

Giant Skull Of Kitchen Crap

Skulls fascinate us. Whether it be skulls made of paper to skulls made of melted cassette tapes, we can never seem to get enough. That’s why we dig Indian artist Subodh Gupta and his art, a lot of which involves recycling old pots and pans from the kitchen. For the Frieze art fair in London, he assembled a load of ... Read More »

The Lumbering Contraption Of Nose Picking

In light of this coming Sunday’s Handcar Regatta, a race of human-powered rail-track creations, the team over at Almost Scientific have created a ginormous 10 feet tall 10 feet wide hamster wheel they’re calling the Lumbering Contraption. What purpose does it serve? Well, it controls a slew of doohickeys that mobilize a giant nose picking machine. Weird, right? If only ... Read More »

Super Tabletendo

Finally a controller only the great Andre the Giant could comfortably handle. Inspired directly by Kyle Downes’ NES coffee table, Matt LaBoone worked all summer on this impressively gigantic SNES controller. I can’t imagine having a group of friends sitting around this thing each contributing their part to one button as they mash away while playing Street Fighter 2. Link ... Read More »