March 6, 2015

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Inception: The NES Game

I happen to be one of the few dozen people who haven’t seen Inception yet. I hear it’s quite the mind-trip. Although I usually have a rule that I never, ever play games based on movies under any circumstances, Inception for the NES seems like it would be a rather interesting experience. One element that the NES lacked, like most ... Read More »

Diablo Inventory Tetris: The Game

Anybody who has played Blizzard’s Diablo series understand all too well why the inventory system has been dubbed by the community as the “tetris inventory.” Much like Tetris, players struggle to fit their inventory blocks into perfectly organized sections for optimal space usage. At least that was the reason before the creation of Diablo Tetris. Finally, someone has created a ... Read More »

The Tragic Cost of Google Pac-Man

When Google unleashed their custom version of Pac-Man on the world, in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary, they must not have realized the tremendous amount of time it would suck away from the lives of their disciples. And if they did know, then their “don’t be evil” motto must no longer be in use. Here are some of the ... Read More »

Full-Scale NES Cartridge Made of LEGO Bricks

I thought I had reached the epitome of geekdom when I managed to simultaneously play my NES system and build a LEGO creation, but man, I was wrong, as it usually the case. How many peeks of geekery has their been in Gearfuse’s history? More than necessary. What was I thinking anyway? My actions could have been made exponentially geekier ... Read More »

Asteroids Wall Decals

OK, look, I know I was just saying how much of a futuristic geek I am, but it seems I’m more stuck in my retro roots than I originally thought. All the proof I needed was the boner I got when I saw these awesome Asteroids Wall Decals. I remember first jamming out to Asteroids on a vintage Atari 2600 ... Read More »

Pirates vs. Ninjas Checker Set

Good vs. evil. Man vs. wild. Pirates vs. ninjas. The classic battles of humankind. For generations, men have debated whether pirates or ninjas were more bad ass than the other. For once, we might have an answer! The Pirates vs. Ninjas Checkers Set embattles the two warriors from the comfort of your coffee table. Each set is handmade. Both large ... Read More »

Monopoly: Recession Edition

Can you take advantage of a suffering economy before your 401k dries up? Can you snatch up enough foreclosed real estate before your rivals own all of the marbles? Well, the few marbles left that is. Thus is the challenge you face playing Monopoly: Recession Edition. This fully-fictional board game allows for a modernly accurate gameplay experience. What other chance ... Read More »

Tony Hawk RIDE Skateboard Controller

How the Tony Hawk video game franchise keeps chugging along is beyond me, especially with the release of Skate 2. So to keep things fresh, the latest incarnation of the franchise, titled Tony Hawk RIDE, will feature an actual skateboard controller. See it down there? With all the buttons on the side? How the fuck is this thing going to ... Read More »

Handheld Console Device Plays Full Sized NES Game Cartridges

The Retro Mini is a handheld device with a 2.4″ LCD screen that is actually compatible with full-sized NES cartridges. No emulation needed here. Four AA batteries gives you eight hours of battery time. The Mini also features built in speakers, a headphone jack and a composite AV out cables for playing the games on a TV set. Sexy handheld ... Read More »