March 4, 2015

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The Egg Cuber Makes Your Hard Boiled Egg Dice-Shaped

Instead of rolling a pair of dice to see who goes first in Monopoly, why don’t you use a pair of hard boiled eggs? I guarantee they’re a lot tastier than the dice. Winner gets to eat the dice, as long as they don’t mind their eggs to be rolling around on some random surface. The Egg Cuber boils your ... Read More »

5 in 1 Opener

Whenever I go camping I have to make sure I have enough room for all of my various openers. A bottle cap opener for the beer, can opener for the beans, a bottle twister for the antacid. So you can imagine my extreme excitement (it involved jumping up and down, shouting and a changed pair of shorts. I love my ... Read More »

Shadow Caddy is Relentlessly On The Ball

The Shadow Caddy is helpful in that “I’m always watching you” stalkerish sort of way. Rather than hiring some lazy and pathetic pile of human flesh to disappoint you with his sub-par caddying skills, the hands-free Shadow Caddy follows you effortlessly by tracking a transmitter which is simply snapped right onto your belt. Plus, it really wants to make sweet ... Read More »

Gadget Junkies Will Feel Comfortable In This T-Shirt

While you’re sure to get some strange looks from both sneering fashionistas and mildly frightened parents, you can’t help but enjoy the honesty of this t-shirt. You might not get a confidence boost from acknowledging the fact that you have more toys than a 12-year-old Japanese school girl, but anything else would simply be a lie. If us geeksare known ... Read More »

Socket Deer or Dear Socket?

Here’s another way to clean up that cluttered mess of cords by your power outlet: outlet covers with deer antlers on them for holding gadgets while they charge. They can also be used like the ninja cord bunny and wrap up any loose wire laying around the floor. You could even go the extra mile and hang up your house ... Read More »

Ultra Conspicuous USB Hand Warmer

Check out this USB “hand warmer” stick. It doesn’t have the finger grips that the other USB hand warmer has, but it costs a dollar more. Strange. Oh, who am I kidding. This thing is as much for your hands as a monitor is for your head. In truth, this is a covert dildo for pleasuring either yourself, a loved ... Read More »

Vic Mackey’s New Gadget Holster

“Hi, I’m Vic Mackey from FX’s hit television show – The Shield. I’ve pawned off my traditional handbag in favor of something a little more…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, right, tech. I got this e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster because I was sick and tired of street gangs pocketing my iPhone. It’s got two pouches for easy access to ... Read More »

Shake Your Ass Or Lose The Juice

It really stinks when you’ve run out of energy for your gadgets and can’t get to an outlet. With Orange’s Dance Charge, outlets are a thing of the past. It’s a portable phone charger powered through the kinetic movement of the wearer. Held within the arm strap is a battery for storing all the dance-generated energy. So, to build up ... Read More »

Ugly Tie Turned Gorgeous Gadget Holder

Turn that old hideous tie your Grandmother gave you into something you’d actually use: a case for your iPod. Sure, you could use it for a slim cellphone and other small gadgets-or you could put some weed in it considering that the possibilities are endless. You could make your own, but why struggle with the fact that you can’t sew ... Read More »

Smallest Recorder Ever! Not Just For Espionage

If you have a job where interviewing is as common as an Obama “Hope” ad campaign and you just so happen to always have your laptop on you, you might find the Narae Recorder Mini right up your alley. Finally, a reason to get rid of that old digital recorder you’ve never used (unless it also does video.) The Narae ... Read More »