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Shot Glass Bandolier: Beware of Drunk Wookiees


If Chewbacca had known about this, he would have had no need to visit a cantina. The 36 Shot Glass Bandolier holds 36 bullet-shaped one-ounce shot glasses, each with their own lock caps. I’ve heard of fighting for you right to party, but this is ridiculous. At least this sort of explains how the whole Nazi-fighting squirrel-riding. Get your own ...

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MiBeerAge iPhone App Tells You Exactly How Old Your Beer Is


You might not have known this but to the beer connoisseur, the finest brews are best served within 30 days of their bottling. So those three year old bottles of Heineken collecting dust in your fridge garage? Yeah, slightly past their prime. But hey, at least the caps are still usable. The MiBeerAge iOS application tells you exactly how old ...

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Port-A-Pint: For the Alcoholic on the Go

I have a major drinking problem. And that problem is that I can’t sit back with a chilly brew when I’m on the move. Whether I’m at work or waiting for the the train, I need a constant flow of beer flowing down my gullet and until now that just wasn’t possible unless I wanted to carry around one of ...

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Disposable Flasks

The next time you head off to a baseball game, concert or event in a park, try bringing one of these nifty disposable flasks. They cost a mere $2.55 each, so they won’t break your wallet. The best part is that they initially come flat and grow bigger with more liquid, making it easier to stuff into your crotch right ...

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Chug Meter: Measure Your Binge Drinking

Have $25 and drink a ton of beer at parties? Slap down a Lincoln and Jackson and pick up this Chug Meter glass. It measures how much you can chug in one shot, essentially showing the world that you’re either a beer drinking champion or a big pussy. Link

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Shotcarver: Carve, Pour, Drink

Drinking is always fun, but finding creative new ways to get smashed never ceases to please. The Shotcarver is a $12 gizmo that will instantly carve a shot glass out of anything that’s malleable. Have an apple? Carve that core out and load it up with 99 Apples. Boom. The next time it snows in your area, pack up a ...

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Beer Soap: Bars of Soap Made With Your Favorite Lager

Does that special alcoholic in your life complain about how you so rarely smell like you’ve been drenched in booze? No longer with Beer Soap! Made with an assortment of smelly ingredients and a wide-range of beers, Beer Soap is the only personal washing material guaranteed to give you a buzz if eaten. (Admittedly, there are easier ways to do ...

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Beer Blaster: Finally A Weapon To Use With Our Beer Holster

We’ve fooled around with a few alcoholic holsters in the past. Frankly, they all felt sort of empty. What’s a holster without a high-powered weapon? Sure, we still had multiple cans of beer to keep us busy, but we need to be shooting something WHILE we drink to really feel like real men. The Beer Blaster allows you to literally ...

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World of Warcraft Beer Stein

“Lord Thunderbrew requests you slay 5 rabbits in Darkshore. Your reward will be beer.” Sweet! You’re going to get drunk in WoW, but what about real life? After all, the more beer you chug, the better the women look. Do it up properly with this $90 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beer stein. It was designed by ...

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