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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/21/07

Space Invader Alarm Clock [SciFi] – A retro touch for nightmares of extraterrestrial abductions. Anal probe not included. Solar Powered Wheelchairs [Ecofriend] – For the much targeted “Eco-thinking amputee” demographic. The Bearded Cap [Core77] – A winter cap that makes you looks like you have a nice beard.*Insert Chuck Norris quip here.* Super Mario Galaxy Sells A Shitload [Kotaku] – ... Read More »

Chuck Norris eats orcs for breakfast

When I first saw this, I was all like, “Wow!”. And it turns out I was right. It seems as though Chuck Norris has transformed himself into a WoW character, to fully take advantage of his roundhouse kicks and kick some PvP ass. While the WoW version of Chuck seems slightly more buff than its human counterpart, we’re sure the ... Read More »

I now pronounce you, Mii and Mii. You may kiss the Wii.

Gamer geeks have got to stick together. Sometimes, this even means getting married. And what would be a gamer wedding without gamer props? A couple getting married commissioned a pair of Mii figurines which will replace the typical bride and groom figures placed on top of the wedding cake. These Mii figurines are a product of MiiSculpture, a company which ... Read More »

Harness the power of physics with the Perpetual Calendar

We know most guys don’t have a knack for interior design as the ladies do. Trust us, we’ve been there. Since the boss wouldn’t take too kindly to your pin-up girl calendar, you might want to give this cool looking gizmo a try. Much like time, the Perpetual Calendar never stops moving, as you might have been able to tell ... Read More »