March 5, 2015

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Chocolate Covered iPad

Looking for a surefire way of getting laid tonight? Grab yourself an iPad and cover that bitch in chocolate. Present it to your woman. Result? Super-horniness. Thank me later. Hey, it’s more romantic than Chocolate Weapons at least. Stefan Magdalinski created this idea as a birthday for his Apple-crazy Asian girlfriend. I’m pretty sure he’s still reaping the benefits as ... Read More »

Periodic Table of Elements Cake

Ok, we’ve become slightly obsessed with the Periodic Table of Elements, so sue us. I mean, aesthetically, the thing is just gorgeous to begin with. 118 gorgeous boxes of chemical goodness. The design just fits anywhere. It works. It’s beautiful. Hell, it even makes itself right at home on a damned cake. And it looks delicious to boot. Now you ... Read More »

Chocolate Weaponry: Deliciously Destructive

Unless your facing an army of diabetics, I’m not exactly sure how effective Chocolate Weaponry might be. If you’re aiming for anything other than a mild distraction, I’d save the chocolate for yourself and get those endorphins pumping for those last few seconds you have left. War is hell, but chocolate is delicious. So let World War Om Nom commence. ... Read More »

Mario-themed Truffles

You can’t resist Mario’s balls. Feel the sweetness roll across your tongue. Oh yeah, that makes me so hot. Wait… what? These awesome Mario truffle balls each feature a different element of the game. And each is om nom-tastic. Link [via] Read More »

Cupcakes for Zombies

OM NOM! Made using red velvet raspberry cake, french vanilla cream cheese frosting and a chocolate brain, baking extraordinaire Pamela created these awesome Brain Cupcakes, perfect for zombies who’ve gone vegetarian. The extra little splatter gives it that “just scooped out of the skull” look. Read More »

Call The High Schoolers: Huffable Chocolate Available

It’s 10pm. Do you know where your children are? Chances are they’ve caught on to a strange new trend developed by David Edwards. Dave makes Le Whif breathable chocolate and it’s the new trend that’s shocking parents around the nation. You simply use the inhaler-like device to breath in particles of chocolate. At $4 a pop, this is an expensive ... Read More »

Have Some Chocolate On The House

Here you go. Delicious milk chocolate. Go ahead, take a bite. HA! I got you good! Quit crying about your broken tooth, pussy. Had you not been such a fat slob for chocolate, you would have taken three seconds to confirm that this is the 4 port USB hub you were trying to borrow. Now you’ve gone and bit it, ... Read More »