March 1, 2015

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Unevenly Distributed: Why CES Is Hell


During next week's CES, you'll rarely hear a single word about why you should really care about the devices debuting there... but is that really so surprising when even the electronics makers at CES can't answer as simple a question as why their gadgets matter? Read More »

Microsoft Unveils Official Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer used his keynote at CES to deliver some exciting news about Windows 7. As of today, the beta will be available for download and installation from MSDN and other sources. The files will be available for download starting tomorrow, January 9th. Says Ballmer of the occasion: Im thrilled to announce the availability of the Windows 7 ... Read More »

Fight Back: CES Spam From D-Link

Every year, around the end of November up until CES in January, PR flacks email me and other writers constantly, begging for them to stop by their booth at CES so they can show off some shitty product. There are exceptions of course and there are a few good PR people left thank goodness, but let me show you what ... Read More »

Zune Phone To Launch At CES 2009?

Thanks to a shitty economy and the greater powers that be, we’re not going to CES this year. For me, it’s a nice break from an outdated technology show full of nothing but crap. However, it’s also a decent time for a company to announce something big and Microsoft might be doing just that. An analyst at Global Equities Research ... Read More »

Harman Kardon jumps on navigation bandwagon

Harman Kardon is known for its excellent audio equipment, so when they came out with the Guide + Play GPS-500 navigation system, some people were surprised. They were not trying to go all out with this player; its about equal with many other GPS systems out on the market. It can play audio and video, has a 4GB SD card, ... Read More »

Polaroid MPA-20011 shocks skeptics

So after a day of praising all things Apple, its time to start looking at CES again; everyone gets a little sick of Apple after a while. When it came to pass that Polaroid would start making mp3 players, everyones expectations were not high. However, with the release of the MPA-2011, critics have started to change their minds and are ... Read More »

Sony shows 1cm thin fully-assembled HD OLED displays

    We’ve seen OLED around for ages, but we have never seen them really mass-marketed to substitute LCDs, they’re only found on the external screens of certain mobile phones, or small digital audio devices. Sony is keeping us drooling at again by showing fully-assembled 1cm thin OLED displays at CES this year, the largest one measuring 27″ diagonally, with ... Read More »

Revealing the backside of Samsung’s ultra video F500 phone

When Samsung announced the F300 and F500 at ITU Telecom World show, the company purposefully hid the backside of these phones. The design of the F300 ultra music phone was eventually revealed from FCC documents, leaked user manuals as well as blatant reviews of the prototypes. However the design of the backside of F500 ultra video phone was left in ... Read More »

Romi the robot, one step closer to being like the Jetsons

Whenever you were a kid and watched the Jetsons on cartoon network, you always wanted to have a robot that did all of the housework like they did. Well now your magical dream is one step closer with Romi, the cleaning robot. This new bot was developed by ETRI in Korea and will be presented at CES, just a few ... Read More »