March 5, 2015

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Camera-Wielding Inflatable Giant Invades Tokyo


In a culture that’s been terrified by monsters like Godzilla and Mothra for decades, I’m not sure an inflatable giant was the best choice of advertising mediums for the people of Tokyo, Japan. Panasonic used a gigantic inflatable model of their celebrity spokeswoman, Ayase Haruka, wielding a Lumix FX700 larger than two humans, to convince/terrorize the people of Tokyo to ... Read More »

Rethinking the Form Factor of DSLR Cameras

Since cameras became a portable medium, the form factor, aside from size differences, have remained relatively unchanged. With the new compact hardware and constantly increasing quality, is it time we started to rethink the form factor of the DSLR camera? Yaniv Berg takes a fresh look at the way we interact with our cameras with his periscope-styled handheld designed for ... Read More »

Panoramic Van: Covered in Cameras

The Google Street View team has their method, the owners of this van have theirs. Covered in over 2,700 cameras, we like to call this van “the Panoramic Van.” The Panoramic Van was made to promote the film Automorphosis, which is about people who perform car art. Read More »

Punch Camera Sadly Doesn’t Punch Your Enemies in the Face

Disappointing isn’t it? I assumed that you’d just click a photo and out would fly a massive fist. But, nope, this concept is a lot more harmless. A lot less of your enemy’s blood is included. Instead of the satisfying snap of your bully’s nose, YOU snap a picture, YOU punch the damn camera, YOU take the punch-out photo out ... Read More »

LAPP: Incredible Light Photography from Deutschland

These guys from Germany do time-lapse photography and use light sticks and such to create beautiful images. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen light art as good as LAPP’s. Sprint-Nextel’s commercials last summer were decent but I think the Germans have us Americans beat on the light art. If you want to try your own light art out, grab a ... Read More »

Nintendo Announces DSi Release Date and Price

Been waiting years for the next hot Nintendo console? No worries, my friend. I have no hatred for the Nintendo DS. In fact, I used to own one a few years ago and loved it. If there’s one thing Nintendo does right, it’s portable gaming. But enough about me, you want to know about the upcoming DSi handheld. Well you’ll ... Read More »

Win Sandisk SD Cards On YouTube

If you love gadgets, there’s no doubt that you love memory cards just as much. After all, your digital camera, laptop, MP3 player and hundreds of other gizmos use them. Now what if I said you could win some free SD cards just by shooting a video for YouTube? Thus is the point of SanDisk’s Point and Shoot Film Festival. ... Read More »

Slow And Steady Wins The War On Drugs

Growing marijuana is a crime and that’s a damned shame. It’s no mystery that it’s a great pain reliever and can turn any award winning drama into a laugh-out-loud comedy. The war on drugs has always been a controversial topic in the realm of political agenda and the media. It’s only getting more controversial now that they’re busting growers with ... Read More »