March 5, 2015

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LEGO Thumb Tattoo

Our favorite LEGO artist, Nathan Sawaya, never ceases to amaze us with his awesomeness. Sawaya has shown his devotion to the art of LEGO in the most heart-felt way possible. His new LEGO tattoo disguises his own thumb as a LEGO brick, with ink etched into his skin to create a 3D illusion of brick goodness. Nathan says, “What better ... Read More »

LEGO Value Meal

Are you in the mood for something slightly more crunchy and about 100% more nutritional than a typical McDonald’s meal? The LEGO Value Meal provides you with way more than your daily recommended plastic intake. And you know what they say, if a little is good, more must be better. So Super Size this baby up! Link [via] Read More »

LEGO Fire Skull: Fewer Bricks Than You Might Think

Bricks aren’t the only neat buildables offered by LEGO. The LEGO flame attachments have their own little sub-culture of fandom, as seen through this awesome LEGO Fire Skull built by resident LEGO pyro Billy McGill. If your friends are more of the death metal-type, they might not be all that impressed with other styles of LEGO modeling. But this skull ... Read More »

Come and Knock On Our Door: Famous Sitcom Sets Recreated With LEGO Bricks

It’s the shows we grew up on. The one that taught us our values because our parents were too busy drinking and slapping us around. The one that taught us that even average American’s have family values. The one that taught us that even senior citizens have a sex drive. Wait… what? Yes, it’s some of our favorite sitcom sets, ... Read More »

LEGO Twitter Fail Whale Swims With The Fishes

Flickr user tveskov and LEGO design extraordinaire, Bjarne P. Tveskov, admits to cheating a bit when he created his Twitter Fail Whale LEGO design. The brick which features the beloved whale’s eye was originally yellow. Tveskov did a little color reworking with Adobe. Like that really matters? This thing is plain awesome, shopped or not. Link [via] (follow me at ... Read More »

Pandora: Open Source Gaming Console

Sheesh. What the fuck is this brick? I know I start my new construction job next week but I didn’t expect to be subjected to these kinds of materials. Apparently this thing can not only be used to lay down the foundation of a building, but also for open source and retro-gaming. It has an 800×480 pixel display, a bunch ... Read More »

The New Rubik’s Cube Means New Frustration

Unless you’re one of those crazy Rainman-like guys who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, then the cube has caused you some sort of frustration or grief at one point in your life. Well, this new Rubik’s Cube appears even more difficult than its predecessor. Without colors on any side, the only leeway you get is from ... Read More »

Spinning LEGOs Produce 3-D Blobs

Three-dimensional printing is tough. That is, if you don’t make one out of LEGOs. Gene Hacker posted his creation on Instructables: a 3-D printer made out of LEGO bricks. It’s still in its infancy of development but is more than capable of rendering 3-D blobs of frosting. Unlike regular Cartesian system printers, the one Gene built operates in polar coordinates, ... Read More »

LEGO Brick Backpack

Now this is the ultimate LEGO backpack. Shaped like a basic blue LEGO rectangle, this backpack has several individual storage compartments. Each little bump on the brick can hold something. Perfect for the drug dealer looking to expand. You’ll have room for the cocaine, measuring spoons, meth, etc. All you need now is the $24 to throw down on this ... Read More »