February 28, 2015

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Prank Your Friends with the iArm

Apple accessories have become such an epidemic that at first glance, this product is totally believable, and then you see someone with a plate strapped to their arm and that little part of your brain that makes you scream “FAKE!” in the comment box emits a slight twinge of activity. The iArm is in fact, a prank pack, but not ... Read More »

How’s My Walking?: Bumper Stickers for Your Shoes

You might be hesitant to cover your car with witty bumper stickers. Whether you don’t want to ruin your car’s cosmetics or don’t want to wreck the warranty, you just haven’t gotten to the point where you’re comfortable applying stickers to your car’s body. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a witty retort when your on the move. These awesome ... Read More »

Taxidermy Rodent Accessories Might Give You the Plague

I’m not sure how comfortable you would be using a hair comb adorned with a taxidermy guinea pig. On one hand, these taxidermy rodent accessories are unique, not as dirty as living rodents and won’t leave a trail of rice sized turds. And on the other hand, it’s a fucking dead rodent. And these particular rodents aren’t even cute compared ... Read More »

Crystal Clear Nintendo DSi Shell

Personally, putting new shells on consoles was never my thing. I never understood why someone would risk taking apart their shiny new PlayStation or Sega Dreamcast so that they could wrap it up in a clear, translucent layer of plastic. But such is life, as well as this Nintendo DSi case. Created by accessories manufacturer XCM, the shell lets you ... Read More »

Custom Clay Gaming Cuff Links From Etsy

Wearing a tuxedo without these cuff links should be a crime. Artist Laura Swingle hand crafts these highly detailed clay Nintendo cartridges in to a variety of jewelery pieces. Laura’s Etsy shop offers a limitless supply of creativity as she is open to taking requests on turning any two games into these cuff links, so long as she can find ... Read More »

Do It For The Children: Spruce Up Your Shower

We’ve covered a lot of showers here on Gearfuse and most tend to be extravagant light-up systems that cost five figures. For the rest of us, we can take our 3BR, 1 bathroom apartments to the next level with these shower companions from Italian company Colacril. Add a melted starfish to your beach house, toss a panda in your dojo; ... Read More »

Love On The Rocks (No Ice)

Not everyone cares what their ice cubes look like but for the rest of us, we rely on creativity and nautical disasters to take our drinks up a notch. For the bold and brave, try these drinking rocks that come from Sweden. Known as Nordic Rock, the cube-cut stones are known for their ability to retain the cold. This particular ... Read More »

First Official iPhone Battery Pack Drops

Mophie must be ecstatic. As the first iPod/iPhone accessories manufacturer to nab the coveted “Works With iPhone” seal-of-approval, Mophie’s Juice Pack Battery Extender is likely to be the first sold in Apple stores and such. With an LED battery indicator on the back, similar to that found on Apple laptops, combined with long-ass battery life (24 hours of additional audio ... Read More »