WoW! A Night Elf of our own


Remember that cheeky 80’s movie, Weird Science, where two nerds figure out how to make a woman using lingerie, magazine models, and a piece of crap computer? This is similar except, not at all. We just needed an intro.

Artist Max Kor rendered himself a pretty 3D WoW-inspired night elf from scratch, and it’s an impressive piece of work. He explains step by step, his process of creating this detailed female. Check it out, humanoid.



Andrew Dobrow

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  1. what software did u use to make the night elf i am trying to make a night elf of my own plz i am asking nicely e-mail me the name of the software u used

  2. the eyes arent glowing : /

  3. its really great…looks like some woman has put make up like that…very realistic…do you have more images like that?

  4. Photoshop can give you results like that, you just need to use layering. As for the female, theres a program called Poser that can probably start you in the right direction.

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