World’s Largest Laser Goes For a Test Drive; Could Lead to Fusion Energy For All

California�s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that it has taken the world�s largest laser, housed in the National Ignition Facility, for its first ‘dry run.’ Yes, a laser so massive it needs to be housed in a 10 story building as wide as three football fields. But the big news here isn’t actually the massive laser, although it is pretty damn cool. It’s what the laser is actually capable of doing.

The laser’s massive power, which is actually generated by 192 laser beams converging in a metal sphere with a 30-foot diameter emitting a skull-crushing 1 megajoule blast, is aimed towards a pellet filled with hydrogen. When pellet meets laser, the hydrogen crushes and emits a shower neutrons. Voila, one step closer to nuclear fusion. This technology creates so much energy that it would easily replace the need for oil or any other power source for that matter.

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  1. Isn’t that the same tech the Death Star used?

    That’s no laser…it’s a space station.

  2. Good one you guys really had me going till you got to the part where it creates energy. Tell me how do you create or destroy energy? This is big news!

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