World’s fastest internet connection owned by 75-year-old woman


How unfair is this? Some 75-year-old woman is lucky enough to have a son who’s a big shot in the internet business, so she gets the fastest internet in the world. Jeez, she’s going to use it with her foot on the break anyway. Sigbritt Löthberg is now the lucky owner of 40 Gbit/second pipe, which is capable of downloading a DVD in under one second.

If you want another comparison, that’s like holding 1500 high def video streams all at once. The data is transfered using strictly optic fiber wires, though Sigbritt has also requested orthopedic beads for her desk chair. Bah hum bug. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. wow that is so great.,
    its umbelievable.,
    download a DVD in only 1 second.,

  2. 40 Gbit/second pipe, which is capable of downloading a DVD in under one second.

  3. damm that internet is fast i can believed that i wish i could have the same internet oh my gush!!!!!!!!!!

  4. and i thought my 5842.6 kilobit/s was fast

  5. I did the math. If you used all of that bandwidth for 1 hour. You could download 16.4 terabytes. If you leave it on for a day it comes out to over 3,000 terabytes. Its like having the Colorado river diverted to your house so you can wash dishes and brush your teeth. Crazy!!

    I wish I could live next to this lady so I could steal her Wifi. I prolly could use all of the WIFI bandwidth and she would never noticed while she checked her email.

  6. LOL at each word from John above.
    Seriously, wifi will have its max throuput it has ever seen and she wouldnt even notice a tiny downward spike in her speed and we mortals could enjoy abt 56mbps.

  7. wooow my internet is 100mbps and download speed is 5mbps xD i want the women’s internet xDxD

  8. Bosnian internet is shit. The download speed is like max 200 kb/s :/

    btw, I would give my house for this internet 😀

  9. Indian Mechanical Engineer - Abhishek Midha

    According to my calculations:
    “If the downloading speed is 40gbps (as mentioned and assuming that the downloading speed to be the same as the surfing speed), i.e. 5GBps, then you will be able to download 5GB of data in one second, 300GB in one minute, 18000GB = 17.58TB (correct upto two decimal places) in one hour and 432000GB = 421.86TB of data in one day. Moreover, if you get a HDD of enough size, it would take more time the data to be written on the disk than it would take the same data to be downloaded through the internet. Now imagine you are writing 422TB of data on your HDD, it would take hell lot of time. And in that time you cannot turn off your system. So we need better computers as well. May be nanotechnology has the answer.”

    **I know their is no point to worry about unless you are downloading 50GB or more data at one time. 50GB would take 10 seconds to be downloaded with that speed but a few minutes or an hour or so to be written on the HDD. So we need better HDD capacity and speed, which I think could not be achieved through the present material of the disks used in HDD as they can be used for limited rpm speed, else their shape would get distorted. If the speed is still increased they would get too hot (could melt and/or emit radiations). And we are already contributing beyond than enough to the global warming. So we either need to change the material or the technology (mode/method of data writing) to completely enjoy this internet speed or even higher in the near future.

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