World of Warcraft to integrate voice chat


Guess what Vent users. Your beloved Ventrillo server my not have a place anymore. Blizzard has announced that voice chat will be integrated into popular MMO World of Warcraft.

What was originally done on private Vent servers will now be able to be done with an in-game add on. Chatting with your guild members is one thing, but when it came to talking on a vent, for some reason we just never fell in love with the idea. Some people will tell you how much they love the Vent servers, but for us, this seems like a unneeded addition that will just worsen the lag on people with slow internet speed. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. not true, if the feature is able to be turned off, that will not be the case. the feature is not the most nesecary in the world but it could be useful in raids, chatting about stuff ect. if the user has a slow internet, then they can simply turn the feature off and chat the old way, by keyboard.

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