Woman Raising $15,000 for Prosthetic Eye Camera

Tanya Marie Vlach used to be a regular woman. However, a car accident several years ago changed all of that. The accident left her scarred, both emotionally and physically. She lost her left eye.

However, instead of giving up, Tanya has embarked on a new mission. Like the “Eyeborg” project organized by Rob Spence, Tanya’s project has a similar goal. She wants to raise $15,000 to fund development of a tiny camera that could fit inside her prosthetic eye.

So far, Tanya has raised a little over $6,000, with 18 days left in her project fundraiser. If the deadline comes without her meeting her $15,000 goal, the project will not be funded.

Anyway, Tanya’s story is actually really interesting, and oddly inspiring. However, hopefully she isn’t a cyborg in disguise, trying to start a bionic revolution.

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