Windows Phone 7 Update Not Installing on Some Samsung Devices

Microsoft has had a bit of a rough time with getting Windows Phone 7 to work on Samsung-manufactured devices. Last week Microsoft released an update to try and fix the issues that had been affecting Samsung devices, but the patch that was designed to fix these problems isn’t installing on some Samsung phones.

To be clear, the patch is downloading and working fine on a majority of Samsung devices. It’s only a select few that are having problems. Whether it’s Microsoft’s fault or Samsung’s, the fact remains that some users are having trouble installing the update that is designed to fix their phone. No matter how you cut it, that looks bad.

Microsoft says that they’re aware of the problem. In the meantime if you’re a Samsung WP7 owner you may want to try uninstalling some applications and otherwise freeing up disk space. Some users have reported that this fixes the problem.


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